Baby Name Organizer???

OK, so I have been looking at I couldnt tell you how many baby name books in the stores,online,and apps on my phone. With that said, I am on baby name overload!!! Does anyone know where I can find a template or something to organize them all? I know on the apps you can save your fav’s in one place, but like I said I have some from multiple sources and would like themall in one place for the DH and I do be able to go through without shuffling around phones or 10,000 little scrap papers :smiley: Can anyone help me???

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but my husband and I use google docs. We set up a spreadsheet (with separate tabs for boy and girl names) for names so that we can keep track of combos. I like it because we can each log in using our individual gmail accounts and update it at any time.

I use to keep names organized. Not sure if that’s really what you’re looking for though.

I just use Excel to keep my baby names organized. Different tabs for girls/boys/combos/family names etc. It’s not something i can access from everywhere, but it works for me.

I also use listography, which is great for multiple lists, sharing, updating online, designing the look of the webpage etc.

An example:

I second using Excel and then uploading to google docs if you have gmail. I am slowly but surely entering in meanings for all my names and working on entering other stuff (like what is a family name, etc.). Then you can reshuffle the list by any number of criteria – alphabetically, grouped by origin, or whatever. I even have a dream of numbering them in order by favorite, but I know that changes often, so was thinking more along the lines of having a group of so many “perfect 10s”, then so many “almost there 9s”, and on down.

i found baby name organizer books at here in various designs

I really like using google docs, because I can access it from both my computer and my phone & can print it off if I want. It also works offline which I love in case I’m out and about. You can also share the file & have more than one person edit it (you & Dh) so that you can both keep track of it/add to it.

I use both Google Docs and Listography. I’d be happy to send you a template of my own Google Docs lists through PM if you’d like?