BabyGrey...what did she end up naming her baby?

Does anyone know what she ended up naming her baby? I was just thinking about her.

I wish I knew! She just stopped posting one day, and I don’t think she ever told us. I hope everything is okay with her, I know she had health problems…

Thanks! I thought I missed her post with what they finally named her. I do hope everything is ok.

I’m beginning to worry, too, and I’d love to know what first name little __ [name]Aster[/name] [name]Miriam[/name] was blessed with :slight_smile:

It would be nice to know, we all got involved in her saga, and I think a lot of us really searched hard for names we thought BabyGrey would like. I really thought she would let us know, since she indicated she would. I hope everything is alright with her and her family, but there are other possibilities for why we haven’t heard her choice.

Perhaps she and her DH still haven’t named their daughter … maybe they are still looking for just the right name. Perhaps BabyGrey just changed her mind about telling us her final choice of name, despite her many promises to do so. Or maybe the whole thing was a bit of a make-believe. On these boards, we have our anonymity, which, I suppose, is part of the fun of it. And it wouldn’t be difficult to fabricate little tales, just to see the response you’d get.

Anyway, BabyGrey, if you are reading this, I wish you the best, and hope that you have found a satisfactory resolution for your name-selecting saga. I really do appreciate it when we hear back from the moms & dads who post on this site about their final name choices and their joyous tidings of newborns and adoptees.

ah… i don’t think babygrey was fabricating anything…
i guess there’s always the chance that she was… but i don’t think so… i’m kind of curious what she picked as well…
i don’t remember tossing out any suggestions to her… but i read all her previous posts…
Babygrey… if you’re reading, we’d love to know what name you finally chose for your daughter…

I echo the above posters. I think many of us were really involved in that story, and I for one would be pretty upset to find out that it was a hoax. I don’t think it was, however…just a gut feeling, but she seemed sincere. I’ve see online hoaxes before, fake pregnancies on pregnancy forums, etc…and there is usually a point where a fact trips them up or they change a bit of their story without meaning to. Babygrey seemed real to me, and I would REALLY love to know what they picked.

I basically have the same opinion as the others, I didn’t add much to BabyGrey’s forums but I know I followed them and I would love to know what name she chose. I think she was real, and I would feel really bad if she had just been fooling us that whole time. Everyone got really involved with that forum.
On the note of faked-internet-pregnancies, I think the reason that some people drop off really early is because they have a miscarriage and they just don’t want to talk about it. Some are just lying. BabyGrey’s baby was already born, so she couldn’t have had a miscarriage, but maybe something happened within her family? I don’t want to think that something bad happened–in fact I’d rather that she had lied to us. Either way, it’s just another possibility.

She doesn’t strike me as a faker, but I too have wondered whether they still haven’t decided and are just too embarrassed to tell us? Or maybe her computer crashed? I hope she’s okay too, and that one day we’ll know the answer!

I can usually spot the fakers on Nameberry faster than I can say “I love cookies!” (as a previous poster commented, they usually reveal themselves in a major way), and BabyGrey seemed quite sincere to me. (Plus, having an unnamed baby at 6 months of age isn’t exactly a source of positive attention, so I believed her.)

Whether or not the baby has been named, I wish BabyGrey, [name]Baby[/name] Girl, and their family the best! :slight_smile:

I think Babygrey was genuine, and I only hope that she and her family are alright and that it is only that her computer has crashed.

I can’t imagine many people really invent stories on here - what would be the point? Although, I did once see a post about quintuplets that I found hard to believe.

I remember a girl who claimed to have a bunch of children and made names for them and was trying to name the 6th or 7th of them, but then she revealed that she was a teenager who just did this for fun - something teens and others with no children - you don’t have to make up stories to get advice around here. You can be young and dreamy or just thinking about meeting someone special and planning for parenthood without having to actually say you are pregnant right now, or even pretend you are old enough to have children. Such artifice is not necessary to get some input.

I don’t think BabyGrey was lying. I wish we could find out what happened. It’s true in general, we don’t really know each other, so some of us could tell tales, get some attention, but I don’t think that’s the norm. This was one involved story though, several threads and many responses each, and a lot of ideas. There are a few questions I’ve responded to, though, and the person may have given birth and not posted their decision. What happened to the woman who wanted to name her daughter [name]Blake[/name] after her husband’s deceased brother? Is her name [name]Kristen[/name]? She also had a sister who started to post who was in college or recently graduated, married, and pregnant. Whatever happened to them? I don’t open all the threads, but when a new thread pops up with a familiar reference in the subject title, I take a look and may comment. I was also “mysteriously vanished” for a month or so over [name]August[/name] and [name]September[/name], so I may have missed any news then.

I hope all is well with BabyGrey, I know she had a health concern. Not everyone is able to get someone else to post for them when they are in the hospital, etc. There are a lot of people who post for a while and then take off, usually once they have a satisfactory name, their baby or babies born, and they become too busy to visit their friends on the internet, which is fine - but at least most of the time, they come and tell us before they go away completely.

I don’t think you could fake that degree of indecision . . . my guess they still can’t decide and she’s a little embarrassed to tell us that, or that she is indeed very ill again – I sure hope not.

My dad wasn’t named for six months or more – and my grandmother was a VERY down-to-earth farm woman and this was on the tail end of the depression . . . I asked my uncle and he said she simply couldn’t decide. He finally became a junior but family still refer to him as “sonny” to this day. he certainly suffered no long term consequences from not having a name while a baby! So, my point is, its okay if you can’t decide, BabyGrey!

[name]Karen[/name] - [name]Kristin[/name] had [name]Blake[/name] [name]Antonia[/name] [name]Bellamy[/name] a few months ago, I think you must have missed the post. All went well and mom and dad were delighted with their new daughter and her name.

I didn’t get the impression this one was hoaxy, but I do hope we hear what the outcome was in the end. As has been mentioned, there was a health concern so I really hope everything is okay, but maybe she just got sick of talking about names for a while (which was understandable in their case!). I guess time will tell!

BABYGREY POSTED A NEW FORUM!!! She still can’t decide, apparently…here’s the link:[name]IVA[/name]

It’s called “His List, My List, Our List” in case you’re confused. [name]Just[/name] posted today and it already has two pages!

You can also reach it by searching the name “[name]Iva[/name]” (featured in today’s blog) and scrolling down to “[name]Iva[/name] is Being Discussed in Our Message Boards.”

I’m so glad she’s updated–thank god nothing bad happened!

‘His List, My List, Our list’ is an old thread, but it was posted on the 19th, just wrong month :slight_smile: ([name]October[/name])

I’m supercurious like you though!! I really want to know what her name is!

dang, that got my hopes up! lol

I too got super involved in babygrey! my partner thinks im crazy for caring so much lol. I hope she and her baby are well as thats really all that matters

Please read this

Ha! Sorry for the mishap. Spaced-out moment.

But ok, this time she REALLY did do a new one. [name]December[/name] 7, 2009.

It’s called “An Apology and an Introduction.” I hope you all go there!

Thank you all for thinking of me.
I’m not fake.
I kind of wish I was. :stuck_out_tongue:
For those of you who pinned an element of indecision and embarassment in our length of choosing- there was certainly that, but, mostly, I’ve been deathly ill for seven months and it is very hard to care about anything that has become a hot botton issue when you are so ill.

Perhaps I should offer to guest blog for [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] about how to NOT name your baby :stuck_out_tongue: Or why you should never wait to meet the baby to choose the name…

Best to you all. She has a name now. For that, I’ll refer you to my other rambling post :slight_smile: