I’m a mother of 10 children and i need a break! I hate mooching off of my oldest children ( [name]Emerson[/name]'s 16 and [name]Evelyn[/name]'s 14) to babysit the kids every time i need some Mommy time, and hauling 8 kids along with me is not exactly what i have in mind for a Mommy’s [name]Day[/name] Out. So we’ve come to the issue of babysitters. My sister used to watch the kids for me, but she just moved and i’m left babysitterless. Now, i’m not an uptight protective Mama who doesn’t trust anyone with her babies, but i am a bit weary when it comes to leaving a poor girl with 8 of my wild kids. I feel like she would run away and never come back after about 10 minutes ( my kids aren’t bad, i need to add, there are just a LOT of them!). Any ideas on how to find a good babysitter?

We found ours through our church. We got to know her family first and then she started coming over as a “mothers helper.” Two sisters or two close friends would be a good option for you with so many children to watch.

A family friend sits for us. Be sure to hire someone you know is responsible and trust!

I’m not a mother, but I am thirteen and I would be ecstatic if any mom were to ask me to babysit eight children! I love kids, but no younger siblings or anything. I recently was offered a job walking a dog down the street, and I love it! Especially if I could babysit with a friend or someone else. I hope you find a nice young girl to babysit!

I agree that looking through one’s church (or even someone else’s) is a good way to find responsible teens (they might even have experience working in their nursery). You might also advertise at a local college/university/community college. An older student might be more mature and experienced (or even majoring in education and have experience working with kids in groups). Finally, I’d also suggest that you consider hiring two sitters at a time. Two sisters or two friends will enjoy themselves better getting to work with each other (so they’ll be more inclined to come again), and they’ll manage a bigger crowd better, giving your kids plenty of attention without feeling overwhelmed. You could have them over on an afternoon or two when you are there, just so they can get the lay of the land and you can see how they work with your kids.