Back to the Italian names...opinions needed!

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  • Luciana : 13 (43%)
  • Francesca: 17 (57%)

[name]Love[/name] both, but voted for [name]Francesca[/name]. I’m biased b/c I knew a sweet little girl by that name many years ago (she’d be all grown up by now). [name]Love[/name] both [name]Lucie[/name] & [name]Francie[/name] as NNs. The [name]Francesca[/name] I knew went by [name]Chess[/name], which is also cute.

I like [name]Francesca[/name]. Actually I think they’re both lovely. My only hesitation with [name]Luciana[/name] is with the pronunciation and having to tell people all the time how to say it. That may be just my issue, though, because I speak Italian and so I get hung up on the “right” way, which is not always the way it would normally be pronounced elsewhere. Now that I think of it, [name]Francesca[/name] has a similar problem. I think I’m just making myself crazy. They’re both beautiful! What are you thinking for middle names?

I’ve seen a lot of your posts, and it seems like [name]Luciana[/name] is the name you keep going back to! I honestly don’t think pronunciation will be too hard. You will be the one introducing her to her loved ones, most people will hear her name before they see it! And honestly, it’s not that big a deal to correct people. My name is super popular now, but when I was growing up, it was hardly ever pronounced correctly by my teachers etc when they read it off a roll. I’d correct them, and everything would be fine. It never bothered me, I just felt kind of special :slight_smile: If people can manage the ‘ch’ in Francesa they can manage it in [name]Luciana[/name]. It’s a beautiful name, and I think it fits in the best with your other children’s names.

[name]Both[/name] are beautiful names, and from the distribution of votes, I can see that the nameberry posters agree! Maybe just keep these two until she is born and go with the one that you think fits her better.

They are both gorgeous! I agree that the even distribution of voting shows that both are lovely and would sound fabulous with your other children’s names.

I prefer [name]Francesca[/name] but if you love [name]Luciana[/name] I wouldn’t let the pronounciation thing deter you. I don’t think its really that hard to pronounce and even if people get it wrong the first time once they’re corrected they’ll surely get it right. If you teach your daughter her “correct” name and she introduces herself as such you shouldn’t have many problems!

Good luck!

[name]Do[/name] you have nicknames? I personally prefer [name]Francesca[/name].
[name]Just[/name] a few additional suggestions: