Basement bedroom?

Hi there! We are currently expecting our first baby and have starting planning out the nursery. We use the large extra living space in our finished basement as our bedroom (in our old house it’s the only space to accommodate a king size bed :sweat_smile:) there is a full bath as well as two additional rooms down here one being the unfinished laundry room and the second being a finished bedroom. I am wanting to use the bedroom as the nursery because I want the baby to be on the same level as us. Our room has one egress window and the room I’d like to use as the nursery has two more egress windows, so I feel as if it is safe enough in case of emergency like a fire. My only concern is that I don’t know if it’s properly insulated. DH and I had some trouble in the winter time with dry skin and colds, but we started using a humidifier and the problem was fixed. I do also pick up a musty basement smell from time to time, I’ve looked into tips we will try to remove the smell but unsure if that’s something else I should be concerned about as far as having baby down here with us. I’m conflicted and want the baby to be with us but also want to make sure we are making the best and healthiest choices for them. What are your thoughts on this?

Personally I’m sure it’s fine. Since your own bedroom is down there I’m sure the baby will be spending a lot of time down there with you, so if you feel it’s safe enough for you to sleep there everyday then it’s also safe enough for baby. If you’re concerned you could get an air purifier.

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I agree, even if you set up baby’s room on another floor, they will most likely sleep in a bassinet or with you in your room anyway, especially in the early months. So I’d move forward with baby’s room in the basement with a humidifier and/or air purifier as you feel is necessary.

Congratulations :heart:

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Sounds like a good idea to keep the baby on the same floor as you. Provided you can adequately ventilate the space to avoid damp, it’s not an issue.