Bast ok for a boy?

Hello everyone! My name is [name]Kristen[/name] and my husband [name]James[/name] and I are expecting our first baby boy after having three precious, beautiful girls: [name]Victoire[/name], [name]Juliette[/name], and [name]Amelie[/name]. As you could probably guess, we have some strong French blood running through us even though both of us grew up here in the U.S. Our last name is also very French.

We would really like to name our first son after [name]James[/name]’ dad, whose name was [name]Sebastien[/name] but he very often complained of that name and went solely by [name]Bastien[/name]. We don’t really want to use [name]Sebastien[/name] since he hated it so much, but don’t really want to use [name]Bastien[/name] either because [name]James[/name] thinks it’d be weird to call his son his father’s exact name. So, we were wondering…. What about Bast? I know that she is the short form of the Egyptian goddess Bastet, and that kind of worries me. But Bast, at least in my opinion, sounds more masculine. We are really wanting some feedback here… Thanks very much :slight_smile:

I just think of the goddess, so it doesn’t seem masculine to me.

mmmm… it strikes me as a bit odd for a formal given name. [name]Do[/name] you like [name]Sebastien[/name]? Because even though the original bearer didn’t care for it, doesn’t mean it would be less honoring to use the name if you like it.

When I say Bast in my head I end up using a short a sound, so it sounds like bass the fish. It’s not for me. I understand where you’re coming from about not wanting to use [name]Sebastien[/name], my father’s name was [name]Charles[/name] and he hated it, so it’s not likely that I’ll use it, no matter how much I want to honor him and like the nn [name]Charlie[/name]. It’s a tough situation–does your FIL’s middle name appeal to you? Or could you name the baby [name]Bastien[/name] but call him Bast?

Congrats on your baby boy! Personally, naming a long-awaited boy Bast after having three beautifully named [name]Victoire[/name], [name]Juliette[/name], and [name]Amelie[/name] seems unfair to me. I know he’ll be named after a family member but I can’t help but think your son will feel like he received the short end of the stick in the naming department. [name]Sebastien[/name] would fit right in with your girls names whereas Bast lacks substance and looks too short next to theirs. I would choose [name]Sebastien[/name] nn Bast. [name]Just[/name] my opinion.

I would feel awkward using a parent’s exact name as a kid’s name, too. But I think naming him [name]Bastien[/name] could work, if you plan on calling him Bast. [name]Plenty[/name] of parents do that with more common names like [name]Matthew[/name], [name]Michael[/name], [name]David[/name], [name]Peter[/name], etc. They give the full, formal name, but call them [name]Matt[/name], [name]Mike[/name], [name]Dave[/name], and [name]Pete[/name] from day one.

My evil Playground child thinks " is that short for bastard?"
Rational adult prefers sebastian even if the namesake didn’t like it

[name]Bastien[/name] is better. I don’t think Bast works all that well in the States for the reasons previous posters have mentioned. If you can’t make it work in the first name spot, could you move it to the middle and honor your husband’s father that way?

I concur with this.

I love the name [name]Bastien[/name] and wanted to use it for my son but EVERYONE I mentioned it to said that people would call him bastard. [name]Lovely[/name]. If I were you, I’d name him [name]Sebastien[/name] and then call him whatever shortened version you’d like. That way, he has choices when he gets older. He may prefer to use [name]Sebastien[/name] rather than Bast on a resume.

I’m also with Woodensandals and [name]Meli[/name], My first thought was Bast, short for Bastard?
I wouldn’t use it, call him [name]Sebastian[/name] or think of another way to honour DH’s father.

‘Bast’ is a bad idea. My father is french too, and my wife is expecting in a few months, but do you think I would torture my son to be
named ‘[name]Thierry[/name]’ in the US or better yet, ‘Thier’ - it just doesn’t work. [name]How[/name] about finding names that are say, french, but have equivalences that aren’t so ugly.