This name has been in my head lately. It has an oldish feel to it, but the “X” makes it more modern. Overall, I think it’s very usable, wdyt?

I have a brother in law named baxter and I’m sorry but i HATE the name. It sounds like a dog/pet name, and there are no good nick names. I think it doesn’t help that he’s a huge nerd. If you have a normal kid i’m sure it would be better, but when you have an extremely unpopular odd child it makes the name even worse.

I also strongly think dog! It could be in for a comeback though, I’ve seen three little Dexters in my extended circle in just the past year :!:

I can only think of it as a pet name because

a) The cat on the Meow Mix commercials was called [name]Baxter[/name].

b) Dr. [name]Kelso[/name]'s dog on “Scrubs” was named [name]Baxter[/name].

[name]Don[/name]'t forget [name]Will[/name] [name]Ferrell[/name]/[name]Ron[/name] [name]Burgundy[/name]'s dog in Anchorman!

I keep thinking about [name]Baxter[/name], too - what with [name]Dexter[/name], and [name]Axel[/name] and [name]Max[/name] and [name]Felix[/name] and all of the -x names out there, it seems like he might catch on. And I kind of love [name]Chester[/name] these days …


I actually know an expecting couple who have decided on [name]Baxter[/name] nn [name]Bax[/name] should they have a boy. (Their girl name is [name]Vivienne[/name]). They have a very swingy Cajun last name that starts in B, so the overall effect is sort of [name]Bing[/name] [name]Bellamy[/name]-esque. They are a very stylish pair, so I think that bodes well for [name]Baxter[/name]'s comeback chances.

I am a fan of [name]Baxter[/name]. A friends actually has that name and I love it!

I am a fan of [name]Baxter[/name]. A friend actually has that name and I love it!

Everyone seems to echo my thoughts on [name]Baxter[/name]. I don’t think it will ever be very popular, but in a few years, I think the name would “fit in”.

I hate the nn “[name]Bax[/name]”, which is probably the biggest reason I would never use it. But I still love the full name!

I’m sorry but I hate it.

I love it… if only I didn’t have such a finicky last name.

[name]Love[/name] it! I have it strongly considered for a middle name- [name]Theodore[/name] [name]Baxter[/name].

I actually [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Baxter[/name], I also love [name]Dexter[/name]. [name]Bax[/name] is a great nn. I can’t see how anyone thinks its not when [name]Max[/name] is so super popular.