[name]How[/name] do you feel about the name Baylen? Is it too feminine?

Also, do you prefer the spelling [name]Balin[/name]? Would there be pronunciation issues with that spelling?

Honestly, I don’t find anything attractive or feminine enough about Baylen/Bailen/Bailin. It seems too much related to the [name]Aiden[/name]/[name]Jayden[/name]/[name]Hayden[/name]/etc. craze. I don’t think it’s feminine because it’s middle-of-the-gender-road, very unisex. If friends told me they named their baby Baylen, I would have no idea if the baby was a boy or girl.

I find [name]Bailey[/name] slightly better, and there are other ‘unisex’-type names that have a similar sound that are nicer than Baylen or [name]Bailey[/name], like [name]Casey[/name], [name]Blaine[/name], [name]Bay[/name], and [name]Paisley[/name].

I also suggest more feminine alternatives to Baylen: [name]Baila[/name]/[name]Bayla[/name]/[name]Beyla[/name] or Byla, and [name]Cayla[/name] or [name]Kaila[/name].

Baylen looks like it’s made up and would get lost with the other Aidans, Jaydens and the like. I really dislike this trend. Sorry but that’s my honest opinion.

I think that Baylen sounds somewhat appealing actually. In my opinion it seems that many people are trying too hard to be unique and they tend to discount any name that appears to be following a trend - even when it’s attractive. Personally I can’t think of anything wrong with the name Baylen.

Thank you! I knew someone named Baylen that was actually older than me, and I’ve liked the name ever since. I’m not following a trend. :slight_smile:

I actually suggested it as a boys’ name! This is the boys’ names column. Hahah :slight_smile:

Baylen for a boy…maybe the ‘y’ makes it look a little feminine to me, but I don’t know that I can get behind this one. Somehow it looks like a kind of pharmaceutical too…I must be thinking of ‘Bayer’ tablets…

[name]Balin[/name] for a boy only. It reminds me of the name of the main character in the movie Kingdom of [name]Heaven[/name], Balian. For these reason it sounds medieval to me, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I don’t care for the name though as I can’t find any substance in it.

I really dislike Baylen. It sounds girly and made up to me. The first time I heard it was when heard of [name]Drew[/name] Brees’ first son.

I don’t really have strong feelings about Baylen one way or another. My main reservation is that these names just come off as so arbitrary. [name]Bay[/name]+[name]Len[/name]. [name]Bay[/name]+[name]Lee[/name]. [name]Kay[/name]+[name]Lee[/name]. [name]Kay[/name]+len. [name]Kay[/name]+den. [name]Jay[/name]+den. [name]Jay[/name]+[name]Len[/name]. It seems like every other kid these days has some variation of the basic components.

I don’t think it sounds feminine, but it does make me think of [name]Sarah[/name] [name]Palin[/name]…lol. It does come off as trendy, but I do prefer it slightly to the [name]Aiden[/name]/[name]Jaden[/name]/[name]Kaden[/name] trend, probably because it’s a little different. Baylen would never go on my short list, but it’s not a bad name, in my opinion.

I like [name]Bay[/name]. Maybe for a middle name even.

[name]Bailey[/name] is one of my favorite last-name-first, unisex, hugely poplar and trendy names. It is not my favorite catagory, and I like so few of them, but I do like [name]Bailey[/name] – it’s such a friendly, upbeat name! – and have a weakness for anything that begins with [name]Bay[/name], including [name]Bay[/name] itself.

That said, obviously this is a choice that isn’t going to win much love from name mavens, and it is not without some visible problems, including not having much to distinguish it from dozens of other name. But why should you name your child to please us? If you don’t mind if your child’s name blends into the crowd (not a bad aim, actually), this is good choice.

I might suggest you try out the idea of [name]Baylor[/name]. (I think this is better if you are very [name]Christian[/name], as the university of that name is too.)

Aside from that, use Baylen if you love it and have loved it for a long time. What do you have to lose?

That’s so funny that you suggested [name]Baylor[/name]! I was actually going to ask if anyone liked it. My fear is the proximity with [name]Taylor[/name]. But I’m very [name]Christian[/name], so the association doesn’t bother me in the least.

[name]Baylor[/name] is much cooler and more masculine. Great suggestion!

I also prefer [name]Baylor[/name]. I think it sounds much more masculine.

[name]Baylor[/name] is [name]MILES[/name] more distinctive, [name]IMO[/name].

That’s so funny that you suggested [name]Baylor[/name]! I was actually going to ask if anyone liked it. My fear is the proximity with [name]Taylor[/name]. But I’m very [name]Christian[/name], so the association doesn’t bother me in the least.[/quote]

I like [name]Baylor[/name] better than Balen. I think all of these names are truly unisex, and that means they are not TOO feminine although they work well for girls too. [name]Baylor[/name] has a bit of [name]Yale[/name] for the [name]Christian[/name] conversative, in my opinion, hinting at unversity connections.

First of all, I think [name]Taylor[/name] Swift has given [name]Taylor[/name] itself a fresh shot of life. She really brings out the girl-next-door (or boy-next-door!) yet radiant and special quality that drew so many to this name in the first place. With [name]Tay[/name] (as her fans call her) lighting up the name, not only has that version become more usable, its many cousins have too.

Whether you choose Balen or [name]Baylor[/name], I hope you consider using my favorite nn, [name]Bay[/name]. I just love it.