Be a name genie!

Post the following:

  1. Your favorite color
  2. Your favorite season
  3. Your favorite countries
  4. The name of a beloved family member
  5. Your initials (1st & middle)

The next person will use this information to come up with the perfect names for your son & daughter! Then they’ll post their info, etc.

I’ll start :slight_smile:

  1. Purple
  2. Fall
  3. Finland, [name]Argentina[/name]
  4. [name]Adessa[/name]
  5. I.K.A.

[name]Son[/name]: [name]Linden[/name] [name]Adair[/name]
Daughter: [name]Lilac[/name] [name]Anabella[/name]

  1. Periwinkle
  2. [name]Summer[/name]
  3. [name]Ireland[/name] and [name]France[/name]
  4. [name]Josephine[/name]
  5. M. C. R.

[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Pearl[/name]
[name]Finn[/name] [name]Alexander[/name]

  1. Dark blue
  2. Fall
  3. [name]England[/name] & [name]France[/name]
  4. [name]Maeve[/name]
  5. B.M.A.R.

Girl: [name]Juliette[/name] [name]Mae[/name] ([name]Juliette[/name] is a french name & [name]Mae[/name] sounds similar to [name]Maeve[/name])
OR [name]Autumn[/name] [name]Indigo[/name] (Fall is your favorite season & dark blue is your favorite color)

Boy: [name]Oliver[/name] [name]Adam[/name] ([name]Oliver[/name] is widely used in [name]France[/name] & [name]England[/name] & [name]Adam[/name] means red, which is a main fall color)
OR [name]Brennan[/name] [name]Matthew[/name] [name]Anthony[/name] (3 of your initials)

I hope you enjoy them! <3

  1. Purple
  2. Summer
  3. Ireland & Italy
  4. Myrna
  5. M.E.O.

Catania [name]Violet[/name] (city in [name]Italy[/name], purple)
[name]Oscar[/name] [name]Easton[/name] [name]Morrisey[/name] (initials, [name]Morrisey[/name] Irish name associated with the sea)

  1. [name]Red[/name]
  2. [name]Winter[/name]
  3. [name]France[/name] & Switzerland
  4. [name]Robin[/name]
  5. KE

[name]Calais[/name] [name]Scarlett[/name] (Girl) [name]Calais[/name] a place in [name]France[/name]

[name]Kevin[/name] [name]Eric[/name]

  1. Peach
  2. Fall
  3. [name]Italy[/name] & [name]Egypt[/name]
  4. [name]Sylvia[/name]
  5. MIC

[name]Sylvia[/name] [name]Autumn[/name] (your family member and favorite season)

[name]Cairo[/name] [name]Michael[/name] (capital of [name]Egypt[/name] plus [name]Michael[/name]'s first three letters match your initials


  1. Chartreuse
  2. [name]Summer[/name]
  3. [name]France[/name] and [name]China[/name] (I’ve never left the country but these are the two I most want to visit)
  4. [name]Judith[/name]
  5. K.A.K.

Daugher: [name]Harley[/name] [name]Quinn[/name] (Derived from Harlequin, being a color similar to chartreuse)

[name]Son[/name]: [name]Luca[/name] [name]Jude[/name] ([name]Luca[/name] being a french name, and [name]Jude[/name] a male version of [name]Judith[/name])


  1. [name]Lavender[/name]
  2. [name]Autumn[/name] (But I don’t care for it as a name)
  3. [name]Ireland[/name] (I’m obsessed)
  4. [name]Frank[/name]
  5. E.K.

Girl: [Name]Laurel[/Name] [Name]Violet[/Name]([name]Laurel[/name] is a type of tree… a big autumn theme and [name]Violet[/name] is another shade of purple)

Boy: [Name]Kieran[/Name] [Name]Francis[/Name]([name]Kieran[/name] is one of the top names in [name]Ireland[/name], [name]Frank[/name] is sometimes a nickname for [name]Francis[/name])

  1. [name]Cerulean[/name]
  2. [name]Summer[/name]
  3. [name]Canada[/name] ([name]Just[/name] like home!)
  4. [name]Mark[/name]
  5. A.B

[name]Aoife[/name] [name]Erin[/name] [name]Laurel[/name]
[name]Leander[/name] [name]Franklin[/name]

  1. Red
  2. Winter
  3. Switzerland & [name]France[/name]
  4. [name]Jonathan[/name]
  5. KE

Girl: [name]Mabel[/name] [name]June[/name] (play on maple leaf for [name]Canada[/name], [name]June[/name] for summer)

Boy: [name]Marcus[/name] [name]Azure[/name] (after [name]Mark[/name], [name]Azure[/name] celebrating blue/cerulean)

  1. charcoal
  2. autumn
  3. [name]Ireland[/name]
  4. [name]Gloria[/name] [name]Pearl[/name]
  5. A.F.K.

Girl: [name]Darci[/name] [name]Jean[/name] ([name]Darci[/name] means dark in in Irish- 1 & 3, [name]Jean[/name] like [name]Gloria[/name] & [name]Pearl[/name]-4)

Boy: [name]Asher[/name] [name]Finnegan[/name] ([name]Asher[/name] for autumn- 2, [name]Finnegan[/name] for [name]Ireland[/name])

  1. [name]Blue[/name]
  2. [name]Autumn[/name]
  3. [name]Britain[/name]/[name]England[/name], [name]Italy[/name]
  4. [name]Cynthia[/name] [name]Ann[/name]
  5. M.R.M.

Girl: [name]Phoebe[/name] [name]November[/name] ([name]Phoebe[/name] and [name]Cynthia[/name] both names for goddess of the moon)
Boy: [name]Rupert[/name] [name]Indigo[/name] ([name]Rupert[/name]-R and British inspired; indigo-blue and vaguely Italian)

  1. [name]Orange[/name]
  2. [name]Spring[/name]
  3. [name]France[/name], [name]England[/name]
  4. [name]Diane[/name]
  5. KJH

Girl: [name]Aster[/name] [name]Celeste[/name] ([name]Aster[/name] for spring and [name]Celeste[/name] for [name]France[/name], also [name]Diane[/name] means divine and [name]Celeste[/name] means heavenly)
Boy: [name]Charles[/name] [name]Aramis[/name] ([name]Charles[/name] for [name]England[/name] [name]Aramis[/name] for [name]France[/name])

  1. Peach
  2. Fall
  3. [name]Italy[/name], [name]Ireland[/name]
  4. [name]Erin[/name]
  5. EPM

[name]Ireland[/name] [name]Sofia[/name] & [name]Aaron[/name] [name]Patrick[/name]

  1. Purple
  2. [name]Autumn[/name]
  3. [name]Ireland[/name]
  4. [name]Earl[/name]
  5. TSA

[name]Lily[/name] [name]Pearl[/name] & [name]Connor[/name] [name]Forrest[/name]

  1. [name]Green[/name] or purple
  2. [name]Winter[/name]
  3. British Isles and [name]Canada[/name]
  4. [name]Ada[/name]
  5. CERW

[name]Jack[/name] [name]William[/name] ([name]Jack[/name] for [name]Jack[/name] [name]Frost[/name]- winter, [name]William[/name] is a popular Canadian and British name)
[name]Adalyn[/name] [name]Cerise[/name] ([name]Adalyn[/name] to honor [name]Ada[/name] and [name]Cerise[/name] is french for cherry sort of links to purple (its in the nameberry purple names) and begins with C so fits your initial)
[name]England[/name], [name]Italy[/name]

  1. [name]Green[/name]
  2. [name]Summer[/name]
  3. [name]Ireland[/name] and Germany:p
  4. [name]Madilyn[/name]
  5. T.A.J

[name]Kieran[/name] [name]Sonny[/name] ([name]Kieran[/name] is a very irish name and its reminds me of the summer and [name]Green[/name], [name]Sonny[/name] because of summer!)
[name]Gracie[/name] [name]Madilyn[/name] (Reminds me of [name]Green[/name] and , [name]Madilyn[/name] from your cherished name)

  1. [name]Green[/name]-blue
  2. [name]Autumn[/name]
  3. USA and [name]Canada[/name]
  4. [name]Edward[/name]

[name]October[/name] ("[name]Toby[/name]") [name]Adeline[/name] – [name]October[/name] for your favorite season and [name]Adeline[/name] in honor of your initials
[name]Cyan[/name] [name]Ward[/name] – [name]Cyan[/name] for the color and [name]Ward[/name] in honor of [name]Edward[/name]

  1. Lime [name]Green[/name]
  2. [name]Summer[/name]
  3. USA & Haiti
  4. [name]Lynn[/name]
  5. LH