Be honest, how long are your lists?

So I should probably be more organised with my name keeping, but at the moment I just have 2 master lists - 1 called “Girls” and 1 called “Boys”.

I’ve noticed that I usually add a new name to each of them every day, and as such they’ve grown rather large & every so often I have to do a “clear out” and remove anything that I wouldn’t ever actually use. At this present moment I have 34 boys names, and 40 for girls. I realise this is more than enough for 2 school classes.🤦

How long & (dis)organised are your lists?

I have a list for girls (‘What’s [name_m]Wong[/name_m] With Us Grils?’ - a family in joke), with 129 names on. Could probably be more than that but I haven’t added to it in a while.
And I have a list for boys (‘[name_m]Just[/name_m] Boy Things’) which has 108 names on. Again, it could easily be longer but I’ve not specifically added to it for a long time.

I also have ‘Names for REAL [name_u]Baby[/name_u] Boys’ (and the equivalent for girls) of the names I’m actually likely to use - I love [name_f]Rialta[/name_f] and I love [name_f]Alice[/name_f], but realistically I’m only ever going to name a child [name_f]Alice[/name_f].

I also have a list called ‘Names HE likes’ which is compiled of names my fiance said he liked… years ago now, he’d probably say no to half of them now!

Then I have two lists which are guilty pleasures/wild second middles, I should really combine the two - that’s just me being disorganised. And I have a list of Welsh names I made whilst helping a friend think of names for her child.

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Wow, I really should divide my lists up more! Maybe that is my next lockdown job haha.

Right now my official list has 14 boy names and 14 girls names, and is the very same one I have in my user card. It used to be half this size, then I joined nameberry and it grew into this list lol, so I’m sure it can only get longer from here.

My unofficial list, stored in my phone’s Note section, is a fair bit messier and includes alternatives, different combos, and other names I love but haven’t got a combo for. It still mostly consists of the same names though, so I would argue the amount of names is still technically the same, for now lol.

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My lists are almost always super long and super disorganized, haha. I have trouble narrowing it down and since I’m not currently naming an actual baby, I don’t really push it. I just enjoy playing with different combos and crossing things off/adding things pretty frequently!


Very concise! I blame other Berries here in the forums and the “similar names you might like” section over on NB for adding and adding and adding to my lists :sweat_smile:

That’s true. I know when I am actually at baby naming stage it will be time for serious list organisation and consideration xD but for now I guess it is all just fun to play and collect!

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I have one list that is simply a copy of my user card (top 9 or 10 for boys and girls, paired with middles.) Then I have a list of my guilty pleasures, which will also include names I’m pondering. There are probably about 20 per gender on my gp list.

Well my girls list currently has 63 names… And my boys has 45… So I guess the answer is “too many” I haven’t divided them into subcategories either, just “boys” and “girls”

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I have one list called Girls which has 31 names on it. One list for boys which has 28 names on it. and One list for Either gender meaning that the name could go to a boy or girl with 19 names on it. As you see I am very picky with my name lists

I have such long lists, but I really should go through and clear out names I wouldn’t actually consider using. I’ve tried that many times, but I end up ‘hoarding’ basically. “I can’t remove that one! I know I’d never be brave enough to use it, but it’s just so pretty!!”

I definitely have a Top 10 for each. [name_f]My[/name_f] definite favorites list for girls has 80 names, but there are still some I wouldn’t use on it just because I do love them. [name_f]My[/name_f] boys list is much shorter (about 25 or so), and, of course, all the names on it are the ones I’d actually consider because I tend not to fall in love as easily with random boy names. And then there are countless others that don’t make my top favorites lists, though I still like them, which are on my complete lists of names for each gender that I like or have saved for some reason or other.

Putting clean out top name lists on my to-do list for tomorrow… :slight_smile:

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Haha, long is the answer for me!

I don’t use lists so much anymore but rather just word documents/the notes app on my phone- I used to live by listography but that’s not so much the case anymore.

I have a list of words names (some outlandish, some more useable) which I made years ago, and has over 800 names on it. I also have a compiled list of the combos I’ve made (again, from years ago, so it’s outdated now since I haven’t kept it up) which probably amount to 100+ combos for girls and the same for boys.

More currently, I have a document with all the combos I’m playing with at the moment (including the ones in my user card) - for girls this is at almost 50 first names, with between 10-40 two-middle combos that I’ve thought of and considered for each name. I use the same format for my boys’ combos, except I only have around 25 first names. This is all alphabetised, so it’s quick for me to access and look over, as well as add new combos as I think of them. However, it is worth noting that a lot of these combos aren’t something I’d use in real life, if given the chance- I just like playing with names for fun.

As for having an actual shortlist, I’m far from having any children in real life, if at all, so I just haven’t really bothered. If I did decide to have children in the future, I’d like to adopt- and not necessarily an infant, so likelihood is I might not be naming my future children anyway, which isn’t something I’m bothered by.

The closest thing I have to a shortlist is when I answer those ‘What would you name quadruplets?’ threads, because I do have somewhat of an idea of my top four/five/etc, it’s just never written down/particularly stable since my favourite combos are constantly changing.

On my main favourites lists, I have 169 my girls’, and 100 on my boys’ including GPs, and I’m thinking of adding a few more at some point. I probably wouldn’t use all of them irl (due to popularity, associations etc.), but I don’t have lists for that, maybe I should make some haha.

If this ain’t me :rofl: looking at you, [name_u]Sailor[/name_u]…

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I use Listography for all my lists. It makes it easy to organize everything.

I have a list of boy name - all the boy names I like plus their meanings. I have 196 names in that list🙈. I also have a list of boy names combos that have one middle name (93 combos), and then another list with boy name combos that have two middle names (36 combos). Same with my girls names - I have 140 girl names (plus their meanings), 48 combos with one middle, and 24 combos with two middles. (All my lists are alphabetized)

I also have a guilty pleasure list, potential middle name list, sib sets list, honor names list, and combos I’m pondering list.

Listography also has a private section where only you can see those lists made there. So I have personal name combos that’d I’d use for actual kids there plus names I want to use in future combos, among other things.

I’m usually a very disorganized person but my name lists are the one thing I won’t let get disorganized. It also helps when I’m suggesting names, I can go right to the R section, looking for names that have certain meanings, things like that.

I’ll link my listography here so you can take a look if you want :slight_smile:

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I have one set of notes where I keep all of my signatures, but I don’t really consider those lists. I also have a Top Twenty that stays more consistent.

Oh I have so many lists at this point. [name_f]My[/name_f] longest and oldest running lists are all of the names I’ve every loved enough to actually consider for a child with their meaning next to them. It also has some combos based on the meaning they create (these lists are hundreds of names long for each gender). [name_f]My[/name_f] actual baby name lists are much shorter and have the names I would actually use now with a combo for each first name (these are mostly the names in my user card). I have a list for honour names that is reasonably short. I also have lists for each story series I have worked on and mapped out as well as lists for names I find interesting or want to use for story ideas and then I have a list of names to send my sister (she is expecting again). Most are organized to a degree but I don’t use them or look through them like I once did. Before I had a miscarriage a couple of years ago I obsessed over them but I’m a little too disheartened at this point to look them over as much anymore (but I still love names as a hobby, so I do keep them and add to them occasionally).

Our name list isn’t very long. We’re quite picky, and it takes a lot for a name to qualify to officially be on the list. We have 7 complete girl combination, with 4 other possible names on the side, and 4 complete boy combinations, with 10 other names on the side.

I’m currently kind of reconstructing - my girls list is at about 150 names, and for boys I have nothing, lol. [name_f]My[/name_f] girls lists are usually ridiculously long - I’m incredibly indecisive and have a hard time really determining whether or not I truly like something, or if I like it because I think everyone else will.

I’m hoping my list will get shorter at some point, but honestly, I don’t know when :joy: