Be honest I need your feedback...about Hardy

[name]Marek[/name] [name]Hardy[/name]…First and Middle here.

I’ve come across the meaning -warlike- for [name]Marek[/name] and in my own version of -hardy- meaning not easily broken, but it has many positive meanings I think…

Question is how awful does [name]Hardy[/name] sound as a middle name?

In case it matters I pronounce [name]Marek[/name] ([name]Mare[/name]-ik)

Please leave me your honest feedback

I don’t mind the name hardy, and I think it could work well as a middle name… But, I am just not sure they flow well together in this case. That is purely my opinion, but just my honest feedback. But again, just [name]IMO[/name], so others may not think this! As a name alone, I dont mind [name]Hardy[/name], it’s just together with the [name]Marek[/name] I’m not sure about… I dont think it sounds awful, i just dont think it’d be the best flow/choice

Also - just wanted to add I just asked a friend about this combination, and she said she thinks it is a strong sturdy middle name and she thought it fit together just fine. So maybe this is one that would have many different opinions! If u like it, and it seems to have special meaning to u I’d say go for it :slight_smile:

I’m in the “any name works in the middle” camp, so I think [name]Hardy[/name] is perfectly fine. Unless you’re thinking there’s a chance you’ll call him [name]Hardy[/name] instead of [name]Marek[/name], the middle name won’t come up much in his life.

Thanks for both responses! Couldn’t help but notice [name]Bronson[/name] was in your boys list…I too love that name.

I’m also in the “anything goes as a middle name” camp, so I think [name]Hardy[/name] is just fine.

I agree with all pp’s–in the middle, its not a problem.

I think [name]Hardy[/name] is fine in the middle spot! However, I would not consider it as a fn…too many possibilities for ridicule.

[name]Marek[/name] [name]Hardy[/name] is very strong, masculine name though.

I like [name]Hardy[/name] as a middle. I’m not sure you’re saying [name]Marek[/name] right, though.

I saw the name [name]Hardy[/name] in the title and i though i just have to read this thread.
[name]Hardy[/name] is a great name, actually i think i am reallly loving it right now.
If i was a boy i would think that is such a cool name. I think it works fine in the middle, but i also think as a FN would be awesome too. I love how you are thinking about the meanings.

I have a feeling [name]Hardy[/name] might be a name to watch, i might have to add it to my possibilities.

Good [name]Luck[/name]!

Thanks for your interests everyone. I feel strong about this, but was unsure of the reaction because it is kind of unusual. I do know how I say [name]Marek[/name] is the wrong way, but that’s how I’ll end up saying it and so far that’s how it’s been pronounced by others around me.

Another thing to add is I’ve gotten the question: am I aware of the actor [name]Tom[/name] [name]Hardy[/name]…answer is yes…and I don’t think this is a bad connection [name]IMO[/name] :slight_smile:

I wonder if you’ve considered the name Merrick, which produces the sound you’re after and is a fine name in its own right.

Somehow Merrick [name]Hardy[/name] works better for me than Merek [name]Hardy[/name].

triplicate - maybe there are more than 1 way to say it (in English)? I would pronounce it the way krayza did. On another site, a few commentators did, as well…

As for the name [name]Marek[/name] [name]Hardy[/name], I really like it! He wouldn’t be one of many in groups, but seems easy enough to pronounce to me…