Being Induced

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] everyone,

I have been told I’m going to be induced tomorrow as baby (37 weeks) isn’t growing as well as he should be. I’m very nervous about the whole thing although this is my second child (first baby was born 39+4 via natural, spontaneous labour) so I have an idea of what labour is like.

Could anyone who has been induced let me know what happens and what I should expect?

Thank you

I was induced with my second child two years ago. He was measuring a little large and the doctor had me come in for 39+5.

I was told if I wasn’t dilated yet that they would give me something to start to dilate and soften my cervix, but when I arrived I was already 2 cm and that was enough for the doctor to break my water (not gonna lie, that hurt, like a huge pinching pain, but only for a minute).

They broke my water at 9:30 am and I started having contractions. Around 11 am they decided not much was happening and started Pitocin by I.V. My contractions began to get stronger but they were still manageable. It wasn’t until around 1 pm and about 6 cm dilated that I asked for an epidural–and I could have gone a little longer but my 18 month old was there for the birth and I was concerned about how I might manage the pain without medication. I didn’t want him to be scared, so I got it a little earlier than I needed it just in case.

The epidural didn’t work and I felt worse: nauseous, dizzy, and out of it on top of the contractions. I’m hoping this time to do it without (although with my first it worked wonderfully).

Around 3 pm I was 10 cm dilated. So much pressure! They had me push to see if I was ready and then to stop while they paged the doctor–again and again and again. He didn’t answer. So I lay there for 30-45 minutes (according to my fiance, time had stopped for me, I was in so much pain) physically doing reverse kegels and trying to keep this baby in. It was absolute agony. When the doctor did finally appear, I pushed for about 20 minutes, and baby arrived. It’s all a bit of a blur now, I just remember feeling so relieved it was over and the baby was fine.

I’ve heard so many times that Pitocin and inductions are feared because they make labour so much more painful and overwhelming: the contractions come faster and harder. My first spontaneous birth was 32 hours. My induction only lasted 6.5 hours and I found until 6 cm tolerable without medication. Of course everyone is different. I found they took it in stages: cervix dilated? Yes. Okay, break water. Not enough? Start Pitocin. Hours later, still moving slowly? A little bit more. Maybe that’s why I had a different experience than others? Because it was gradual? I don’t know.

With my first, the labour took so long that I needed a vacuum delivery, which was not a great experience. Very stressful and shocking. I preferred that at least with the Pitocin, I continued to progress, and while the end was really hard, it was only a few hours of increasing pain and pressure. Overall, I think the induction was a positive experience. I would do it again.

All the best to you! You can do it.

I was induced with my first at 40 weeks, due to having gestational diabetes. I went in on [name_f]Wednesday[/name_f] night, was on Cervidil for 12 hours, then Cytotec for 12 hours, then nothing for 12 hours because they thought I was starting labor on my own, then water broken and on Pitocin until about 12 Friday night. I never dilated past 6cm, and ended up having a cesarean at 2:30 [name_m]Saturday[/name_m] morning.

I had a really positive experience being induced with my first. I started a Pitocin drip at midnight and my water broke spontaneously at 4 a.m. Then I got an epidural, and after that I was able to rest quietly while I progressed. I delivered at 11 a.m. after about 15 minutes of pushing.

Compared to my second, who wanted OUT and didn’t need to be induced, that one was easy-peasy. I think it was because I knew exactly what was coming next at all times.

Good luck to you!

I’ve been induced twice and never needed Pitocin! Definitely ask if you can do without. Obviously its needed sometimes but I do think doctors are quick to hand it out.

With my first I was 42 weeks and not dilated at all, so they couldn’t even do a membrane sweep to try to get things going. I had Cervidil placed at 9pm, waters broke at 6am the following morning, contractions started right away, she was born after 18 hours of labor, two hours of pushing. Vacuum delivery but it had nothing to do with being induced. No other interventions needed.

With my second he was measuring big on ultrasound so we decided to induce at 40 weeks. We tried membrane sweeps from 39 weeks, didn’t do anything in terms of contractions but I was dilated to a 4 the day we went in for an induction. They broke my water, contractions started right away, and he was in my arms 5 hours later. No other interventions needed.

Everyone is different, but that was my experience. I thought it went well both times!

Hey bash, I’m probably too late in replying. I was also induced due to a small baby.

I think everyone’s experience is different. For me they tried the balloon catheter but it came out with no change in dilation (they probably didn’t put it in right!) so then they applied some gel. For me the gel was a bit too effective and labour got under way within a few hours and progressed quite rapidly.

I’ve heard induction can make contractions a bit more intense, but I found up til transition labour wasn’t too bad actually - except that they couldn’t feel contractions on the outside so kept telling me I wasn’t even in labour even as I was really finding contractions tough and reaching 9 cm! Pushing phase wasn’t so successful but I suspect it was just being so damn exhausted from the long day and induction process and being told I wasn’t in labour. Was my first baby, too. But managed without pain relief, just bit my [name_f]MIL[/name_f] instead!

Being a small baby she was rushed away to check glucose levels and weight very closely, but she’s chubbied up fine fully breastfed. For us there was 6 weeks of hard work pumping though and worrying about dropping supply as to begin with she wouldn’t latch properly.

On facebook there’s an “iugr support group” if that helps, for parents of babes who haven’t been growing properly in the womb. All the best!!!