Benedict Cumberbatch!

First, what you the siblings of [name]Benedict[/name] [name]Timothy[/name] [name]Carleton[/name] Cumberbatch?

Second, funny article. :slight_smile:

Entertaining article, thanks for posting!

“Whenever someone calls anything “cumbersome,” punch them in the face and yell, “Cumbersome? Cumber-all! Cumberbatch!””
I can’t cope! Too funny haha

His name is my favourite name ever! So British.

I love his name so much

[name]Benedict[/name] [name]Timothy[/name] [name]Carlton[/name] Cumberbatch

But he hates it.

Great name, too!

“Stab someone in the back and pretend I don’t understand the irony.”

As an American, this is my favorite :wink: [name]Benedict[/name] is a great name, too! But Cumberbatch as a surname is kind of awful, poor guy. Still better than Cockburn, I suppose - anything is better than Cockburn.

I can understand Why he hates his name I mean I love his first name but his last name is umm well… it’s different.
But he does have a very extravagant name poor guy

[name]Benedict[/name] is distinguished…Cumberbatch reminds me of baking, or the Jabber Wocky poem by [name]Lewis[/name] [name]Carroll[/name].