Berries' Names Wiki

Okay, I don’t know how to make a wiki exactly so I could be looking like a total idiot rn but. My idea is for you guys to write either your name or your screen name and then we can make a wiki thing of the names of berries- idk if this is a good idea but.

ash (regionlatbest)
autumn (autumn.leaves)
Birdie (Miss_Mayhem )
Elif Sena (charmingpie19)
Eleanor Jane (eleanorj000)
emma (etoilelumineuse)
Helena (Helena006)
Jack (itsjustjack)
Johanna (johannaa)
Kira Athena or 凱倫 (KaiLun)
lydia (Vintage_Vibes)
Lucy (lucyxo)
Marshall Vincent (the_common_fool)
Miranda Taylor (CherryBomb50)
Revere August (quilliza)
Riley Addison (RileyWhited13)
Talia Ann (pixelatedinfants)
Tea (oceansea)


so, in other words, a wiki list (alphabetized?) that allows us to match names/screen names with each person’s username. is that what you’re suggesting?

if so, my screen name is eleanor and I can add it to your post. :relaxed:

I added mine just now! :relaxed:

added myself! :relaxed: wasnt sure if we were supposed to do it alphabetically, so I can change it if needed!!

yes exactly!

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