Berry-like names on your lists

hi everyone!

i was going through my shortlist for both girls and boys today, and i noticed something. in my opinion, my list of boy names seem a lot more berry-like to me than my girls names.

for example, my boys list includes names like oliver, atticus, kit, felix and jasper and many more that feel very berry-like to me. while my girls list does have some classic berry names on it, such as clara and luna, it also has a lot that aren’t even remotely berry-like, in my opinion.

do you gravitate towards more typical berry-like names for a certain gender, or are they about equal? and altogether would you say your taste and style in names is berry-like?

alexandra :sparkles:

I think my top four names are less berry-esque but when I came to write an alphabet of fave names recently, i realised how berry the rest of my list is :grin: i think my masc names lean a little more berry than the fem ones

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My girl names are more berry-like, but I’m not sure why :person_shrugging:

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What makes a name berrylike or not berrylike? I am new.

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for me there is a typical ‘berry style’, which just includes names seen mentioned a lot, generally nature names and classics.

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