Bit of a rant

Why are so many old topics being revived on here lately. I have seen replies to posts as old as 2012. I am guilty of replying when I see others have replied as I rarely check the date of posting ( I just assume it’s new)! But why are old name posts being revived?


They are usually revived by new users who do not know much about how things work here. I close them as soon as I come across one, but of course sometimes they can be overlooked, if so just ignore them!


Ok thanks. [name_f]Do[/name_f] you deliberately have to search for old topics on here? I mean that’s a lot of scrolling through posts right :eyes:

If I notice I replied to an old thread I delete my comment.

Many new users possibly come across the site via Google. Like, they search “middle names for Anna”, click on the first match and create an account to reply.

Right! This makes sense. Although they’d have to make an account on here.
Either way it’s kinda annoying :joy: but at least that explains things now.

It’s also possible that if they have no new or unread topics, old posts are recommended at the bottom of the page.