[name]Hi[/name] there everyone! My name is [name]Kristen[/name]. I absolutely love love love this website and now find myself seeking the counsel of you lovely people! My husband and I are happily expecting a precious little girl :slight_smile: We are so excited. I am currently pondering the name [name]Blake[/name] for her. I’m not normally a fan of unisex names – in fact, I usually detest them – but I do have good reasoning. My husband had a younger brother named [name]Blake[/name] that passed away as a little boy. They were very close, and he was devastated. I would love to honor him through our daughter. Opinions? I’ve also thought about [name]Blakely[/name], but it may be a bit trendy for my tastes. Thank you all so very much :slight_smile:

[name]Kristen[/name], I think it’s so, so sweet that you want to name your little girl after your husband’s brother. (I’m sorry that he passed away…) :frowning:

I completely understand how the meaning behind the name overrides the unisex names issue for you, and for what it’s worth, I completely agree. :slight_smile: Plus, it’s not like you’re talking about an invented/yooneek name here, and like you said, [name]Blake[/name] doesn’t have [name]Blakely[/name]'s trendy feel.

You say you’re not a fan of unisex names though, so if you have a future daughter and want her name’s style to match [name]Blake[/name]'s, you’ll be stuck with a style you dislike (with [name]Blake[/name] being the exception), and that may pose a bit of a problem. If I were to hear [name]Blake[/name] and [name]Amelia[/name], for example (I’m guessing you normally like feminine names), I’d incorrectly assume [name]Blake[/name] were a boy. It’s not a huge deal, but just something you may want to consider!

Best wishes to you! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, [name]Jill[/name] :slight_smile: I have thought about if we were to someday have another girl and how different the names would be. My favorite girls’ names are usually very frilly and, well, girly – [name]Astoria[/name] and [name]Apolline[/name], for instance, are my favorites at the moment outside of [name]Blake[/name]. Still, it’s a gut thing with me. I really want to do this for him :slight_smile: I honestly thought my hubby was going to tear up when I suggested it.

On a sidenote, I’ve been trolling through a lot of baby name sites recently and have come across [name]Bianca[/name], which seems to carry the same meaning as [name]Blake[/name]. Might be another option!

I teared up, too, when I read your first post. :slight_smile: I think it’s so sweet, and I think you should listen to your gut. You can always give a [name]Blake[/name] a feminine, frilly middle name!

I do think [name]Bianca[/name] would be a great option, too.

I honestly think that the meaning that [name]Blake[/name] holds for you and your husband trumps everything else, as it should. :slight_smile:

You can search names by their meaning on Nameberry, too, by clicking on the “search for names” option and then on “meaning.” Wait. You’d be better off going to the main page and using the supersearch option. When you click on “meaning,” you’ll be able to click on the specific color (or whatever it is you’re looking for).

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you again, [name]Jill[/name], you are so kind :slight_smile: You are so very right about giving her a frilly middle name! I’m going to give that supersearch option a shot right now, thank you :slight_smile:

No problem!:slight_smile: You can search by name endings and beginnings, too, which is pretty cool. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:

That supersearch option is super helpful! Thank you! In addition to [name]Bianca[/name], I found a small handful of names with a similar meaning to [name]Blake[/name] that I like: [name]Evanthe[/name], [name]Fiona[/name], [name]Isolde[/name], [name]Lenore[/name], and [name]Whitney[/name]. There is also [name]Blair[/name] and [name]Lake[/name], which are both pretty cute. I myself am still really pulling for [name]Blake[/name], but it’s nice to find all these pretty alternatives :slight_smile: I honestly love the ring of [name]Blake[/name] [name]Evanthe[/name] now, but our last name unfortunately begins with a “G” and the initials BEG wouldn’t be very flattering!

Wow. I have to say, even though [name]Blake[/name] isn’t normally my style of name for a girl, I think its meaning for you, and your desire to honor your daughter’s late uncle, makes it an incredibly awesome choice. I am very moved by this as well. :’)

[name]Jill[/name] raises an excellent point about future kids, and if that’s a concern, I think [name]Bianca[/name] is a great option. I like [name]Fiona[/name] and [name]Isolde[/name], too. I think [name]Bianca[/name] evokes the name “[name]Blake[/name]” more though.

I’m not sure whether this is your speed, but what if you named your baby [name]Blake[/name] and future daughters slightly less girly names, like [name]Clover[/name], [name]Poppy[/name], [name]Iris[/name], etc? I wonder what people here think about whether that would work? I’m kind of new to thinking about sibling sets, really.

Please keep us posted and let us know what you decide on!

I’m so loving the idea of [name]Blake[/name] for your daughter. It’ll mean so much not only to your hubby, but his whole family. Plus I think its a great thing for your daughter to share with her father. I’ve always wished I had a name with family significance.

I also wanted to point out the I think [name]Fiona[/name] [name]Blake[/name] sounds great if you’d like to use [name]Blake[/name] in the middle, instead. (but I really like it up front :slight_smile: )

What a wonderful way to honor your late brother in law. I think there are a number of girls names (if you ever have another daughter) that could go with [name]Blake[/name]. I also love [name]Bianca[/name] but I feel like you know in your heart [name]Blake[/name] is it! I think giving her a very feminine middle name is a great option.

[name]Blake[/name] [name]Juliet[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Anastasia[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Rosalind[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Genevieve[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Mirabel[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Lily[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Olivia[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Cordelia[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Calla[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Azalea[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Ellery[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Emmeline[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Violetta[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Seraphina[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Arabella[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Ophelia[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Clementine[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Eleanor[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Isadora[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Stella[/name]

A few future sister names…[name]Blake[/name] and

Good [name]Luck[/name]! :slight_smile:

Thank you all so so much :slight_smile: I actually really love phaedrap’s suggestion of slightly less-girly names for any future girls we might have. [name]Clover[/name] and [name]Poppy[/name] are precious! I adore [name]Emery[/name], too :slight_smile: And thank you so much for the middle name options, zard! They are all stunning. I’m really loving [name]Blake[/name] [name]Arabella[/name] :slight_smile:

My heart really is telling me to go with [name]Blake[/name]. It just seems so right :slight_smile:

I think [name]Blake[/name] is a great choice for you. So happy for you and your family!
It would be wonderful to choose the most frilly feminine middle name that you just adore.
If you have another daughter, love above poster’s idea of [name]Poppy[/name], etc and then you can add another fun and frilly middle name to that. I think I would choose a French or Italian middle name. It could have tons of syllables because [name]Blake[/name] is only one syllable. Tell us some middle names you love and we’ll think of more. I see some posters have made some great lists of potential middle names.

Thank you, [name]Susan[/name]! Here are some middle names I love :slight_smile:

[name]Blake[/name] [name]Anastasia[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Apolline[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Arabella[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Astoria[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Evanthe[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Emmeline[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Mercedes[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Rosalind[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Seraphina[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Renee[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Victoria[/name]

I’m an unabashed hater when it comes to boy names on girls, and am particularly defensive about [name]Blake[/name], my husband’s name, which seems primed to become the next [name]Ashley[/name]. That said, I couldn’t grudge you a name with such a touching meaning for your family; it is a sweet tribute that you wouldn’t regret. I can only beg you to use it in the middle. :wink:

Thank you, [name]Susan[/name]! Here are some middle names I love :slight_smile:
You are welcome, and feel free to use [name]Blake[/name] as a first name to honor your husband’s brother! I think it works fine as a girl’s name. I wish that I had given my son the middle name [name]Bernard[/name] to honor my grandpa. And I would like it to be [name]Bernard[/name], not something similar to [name]Bernard[/name] or something that has the same meaning. I am sure that you and your family will always be happy that you named your daughter [name]Blake[/name]!

[name]Blake[/name] [name]Anastasia[/name] - [name]Anastassia[/name] feels fussy with [name]Blake[/name].
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Apolline[/name] - prefer [name]Blake[/name] [name]Apollonia[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Arabella[/name] - this is lovely
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Astoria[/name] - yeah, I like this. Cool. (Later) Now that I see it again, I am really loving it!
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name] - lovely, too, [name]Evan[/name] at the beginning. See detail in my list next to [name]Blake[/name] [name]Jacaranda[/name].
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Evanthe[/name] - don’t like this that much.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Emmeline[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Mercedes[/name] - I kind of like this, it will probably grow on me. But watch out 'cause the initials are B.M.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Rosalind[/name] - I prefer [name]Blake[/name] [name]Rosalia[/name], look up [name]Rosalia[/name] on “check out a name”. Has a cool meaning for honoring your husband’s brother. [name]Love[/name] middle names for [name]Blake[/name] that don’t have the accent on the first syllable.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Seraphina[/name] - Hmm…, I think [name]Seraphina[/name] is too much with [name]Blake[/name]. But it is very possible that I will like it after a while. (Later) Still don’t like it very much.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Renee[/name] - I think this is too plain.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Victoria[/name] - I love this. [name]Victor[/name] at beginning. Accent on second syllable.

More ideas (see comment next to [name]Blake[/name] [name]Jacaranda[/name]):
I would stay away from names that start with a hard “C” because of the “k” sound at the end of [name]Blake[/name].
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Acadia[/name] - see [name]Blake[/name] [name]Sedona[/name]. But the two long “a” sounds are bugging me.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Felicity[/name] - has almost [name]Felix[/name] at the beginning.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Georgianna[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Hermione[/name] - so cute!
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Isadora[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Jacaranda[/name] - we have [name]Jacaranda[/name] trees where I live. They bloom in [name]June[/name] and have wildly exotic purple flowers that eventually fall everywhere. When you see the purple flowers all over the streets, sidewalks and lawns, it looks like a fairyland! With the name [name]Blake[/name], maybe it would be good to choose a middle name that is a little bit masculine but long and flowy, too. [name]Jacaranda[/name] sounds like [name]Jack[/name] at the beginning. So you have [name]Blake[/name], then the male transition sound as a bridge that leads you to feminine frilly at the end. Unfortunately has initials B.J. which I would avoid.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Juliana[/name] - has almost [name]Jules[/name] at the beginning. But has initials B.J. which I would avoid.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Leonora[/name] - has [name]Leo[/name] at the beginning.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Sedona[/name] - no masculine name at the beginning, but it’s a wild nature name that also sounds very feminine.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Taliesin[/name] - I don’t think anyone likes this except for me, but I really love it so I’m adding it! I just love [name]Frank[/name] [name]Lloyd[/name] [name]Wright[/name] even though he was a pill.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Theodora[/name] - has [name]Theo[/name] at the beginning. [name]Love[/name] it!

[name]Blake[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name] is stunning!

[name]Kristen[/name], from your list, I really like the flow of [name]Blake[/name] [name]Arabella[/name], [name]Blake[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name], and [name]Blake[/name] [name]Rosalind[/name]. I think Zard’s suggestion of [name]Blake[/name] [name]Genevieve[/name] is gorgeous, too. I love the sound of [name]Blake[/name] [name]Victoria[/name], but for me, it’s too close to [name]Lake[/name] [name]Victoria[/name].

I see you like place names like [name]Astoria[/name], so I’m wondering what you think of [name]Blake[/name] [name]Avalon[/name]?

[name]Blake[/name] [name]Avalon[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Aveline[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Georgiana[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Juliana[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Mirabelle[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Rosalie[/name]

I love the [name]Poppy[/name], etc. names for siblings!

Some more:

[name]Finola[/name] (nn [name]Finn[/name])

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

I actually grew up with a girl named [name]Blake[/name] and she went by Blakey most of the time. I think her minute is [name]Anne[/name].

I think its a great choice as is [name]Bianca[/name]!

Thank you all so much for the feedback, it is overhwhelmingly heartwarming :slight_smile: [name]Susan[/name], I again thank you so much for the feedback on my choices and your additional suggestions! And thank you again, [name]Jill[/name], you have helped me so much! I do love a lot of place names. [name]Avalon[/name] is actually another name I’ve considered for a future daughter, I adore it. I love [name]Esme[/name], [name]Opal[/name], and [name]Tamsin[/name] as well :slight_smile:

Here is my shortlist for now :slight_smile:

[name]Blake[/name] Apollina
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Arabella[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Astoria[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Avalon[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Aveline[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Hermione[/name] – This is adorable!!! I love [name]Hermione[/name].
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Jacaranda[/name] – I utterly love this and the story behind it. Too bad for the initials!
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Mercedes[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Rosalia[/name] – The meaning on this is absolutely stunning. It’s one of my top choices at the moment.
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Renee[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Sedona[/name]

My only concern with some of the vowel middle names are some of the initials that will be spelled out of them. As much as I adore our last name, it is a nine-letter, three syllable, French monster that starts with a “G”. I’m a bit worried about things such as BAG and BEG.

Personally I wouldn’t worry too much about the initials BAG or BEG. That wouldn’t bother me but if it bothers you then don’t use a middle name that starts with A or E.

I like many of the ones you have listed! I do prefer [name]Rosalind[/name] over [name]Rosalia[/name] but I think they are both great choices. I also really like [name]Blake[/name] [name]Arabella[/name], [name]Blake[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name], [name]Blake[/name] [name]Avalon[/name] Here are a few more:

[name]Blake[/name] [name]Eudora[/name] (it means generous gift) I like this one :slight_smile:
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Marcella[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Antonia[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Marilla[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Guinevere[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Luciana[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Aurelia[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Marguerite[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Persephone[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Sabina[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Lavinia[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Philomena[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Althea[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Magdalen[/name]

Another suggestion if you are not for sure on [name]Blake[/name] would be [name]Blythe[/name]. I really like [name]Blythe[/name] and would work well with many of the middle names you have listed. [name]Just[/name] a thought but I think [name]Blake[/name] is what you really want :slight_smile: