Is [name_u]Blake[/name_u] a boys name, or is it too common for a girl for a boy to have it?

I’ve only met one girl [name_u]Blake[/name_u], and think it’s still very much boy. I like it!

It seems more masculine to me. No worries.

I knew a boy named [name_u]Blake[/name_u] but, never a girl. So to me I find it more masculine!

I agree with this.

It reads all boy to me and I know that there are some that have used it for a girl but just seeing it in print, I would assume boy.

I prefer it for a boy. [name_u]Blake[/name_u] Lively is the only female I have ever heard of with this name.

I love [name_u]Blake[/name_u] for a girl but wouldn’t be surprised to hear it on a boy.

I don’t like [name_u]Blake[/name_u] for a girl. I don’t know why people started naming girls this but it’s a boys name. So, no, you shouldn’t have any issues naming a boy [name_u]Blake[/name_u]! :smiley:

I automatically think of a boy. Also it automatically reminds me of [name_m]Quentin[/name_m] [name_u]Blake[/name_u], the illustrator for [name_m]Roald[/name_m] Dahl’s books! Not a bad association in my opinion!

Instead of debating whether [name_u]Blake[/name_u] is masculine or feminine, let’s discuss the prevalence of this notion that the worst thing a boy’s name can be associated with is girls.

I only know one [name_u]Blake[/name_u] and they’re a boy. I think its a great boys name!

It seems more masculine than feminine to me.

[name_u]Blake[/name_u] is one of my favourite boys’ names!

I’ve known/heard of an equal number of male and female [name_u]Blake[/name_u]/Blaik’s.

Thanks, my main association is [name_m]William[/name_m] [name_u]Blake[/name_u], but [name_u]Blake[/name_u] Lively is more well-known, so I wanted to see what you all think!

It seems way more masculine to me, I associate it with [name_u]Blake[/name_u] from [name_m]New[/name_m] [name_f]Hope[/name_f] Club.

i know this is 4 years ago but I’ve got a blake in my class and he isn’t teased or anything to have it. The only girl i’ve heard of having it is [name_u]Blake[/name_u] [name_f]Lively[/name_f].

[name_f]My[/name_f] daughters name is [name_f]Blakelyn[/name_f] and I always worried [name_u]Blake[/name_u] as a nn would be to masculine, but her nickname is [name_m]Blakey[/name_m] Pooh or Pooh [name_m]Bear[/name_m] never [name_u]Blake[/name_u] :joy: