Bleeding at 29!

This is my first pregnancy, I’m 21, and 29 weeks pregnant. About an hour ago I noticed that I was spotting and it’s gotten a little heavier since. I’m really nervous since its my first baby, and I don’t know whether its totally normal or if I should be going to the hospital.


You should absolutely call your OB and ask their opinion. Describe your symptoms (any abdominal pain? cramping? contractions? Amount of blood? [name]Do[/name] you have any concerns re: your placenta and its position?) and let her opinion guide whether or not to go to L&D triage. [name]Don[/name]'t muck around posting on the internet for such a potentially important problem!

Thank you. I did end up calling my doctor and I went in to the hospital, they checked me in, i spent the night, and today I am having an ultrasound to determine if I have possible placenta previa. They gave me two shots for the baby’s lungs in case this is a sign of premature labor.

Good luck, [name]Adair[/name]!

You absolutely did the right thing. Good luck and I hope you hang on to your babe a little longer.

I’m glad you called and got checked out. And I hope everything turns out alright.

Apparently the source of my bleeding was caused by a partial placental abruption, not in fact previa, and I will remain in the hospital and I’ve gotten the corticosteroid shots for the baby’s lungs. The baby is not showing serious signs of distress, however is not moving as much as she/he used to which concerns the doctor. She says there is a high possibility of a Caesarean section within the next 48 hours if the baby’s condition worsens.


That’s true, I’m so sorry. Different OBs differ on their management of partial abruptions, but it depends on the degree (size) of the abruption, whether or not you’re continuing to bleed, and most importantly how your baby is tolerating it. For mild-moderate abruptions, careful monitoring with bedrest can work, and the pregnancy can progress to full term.

Wow, scary. Here’s hoping everything (and everyone) stays healthy.

Sending healing thoughts to you- hope the pregnancy lasts a little longer.