Hello, all! I’ve recently rekindled a flame with an old love — Blythe. I think it’s very sweet and give me Blanche sort of vibes, perfectly vintage and classy. It fits right in with my favorite girl names (Lucy, Hazel, Stella, Bea, Winnie, Kit, Grace, Mae, Etta, and Ada, to be precise). However, is it a little hard to pronounce? Is it usable?

I’m also having a bit of trouble with middle names. I’ve tested out some old reliables: Blythe Frances, Blythe Josephine, Blythe Paisley, Blythe Avery, and Blythe Cornelia, but none seem quite right. What middle name would you pair with Blythe. I tend to like vintage, Biblical/Christian, nature, and unisex names for middles.

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While I prefer Blythe as a middle name, I think it would make a lovely, unexpected first name. Its definitely usable imo, though when I first saw it, I didnt know how to pronounce it (please keep in mind that English isnt my first language)

I would pair Blythe with a more fun middle name.
Some ideas
Blythe Holliday
Blythe Juniper
Blythe Harper
Blythe Rowan
Blythe Ocean
Blythe Juliette
Blythe Fay
Blythe Amoret

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Blythe Eleanor
Blythe Evelyn
Blythe Elizabeth
Blythe Gabrielle

Love Blythe; it reminds me of Anne of Green Gables! I don’t find it hard to pronounce at all.

Blythe Georgia
Blythe Vivian
Blythe Margaret
Blythe Adelaide
Blythe Genevieve
Blythe Aubrey
Blythe Scarlett
Blythe Addison
Blythe Sienna
Blythe Cadence

Blythe Adelaide
Blythe Romilly
Blythe Cornelia
Blythe Cressida
Blythe Pollyanna
Blythe Dorothy
Blythe Cecilia
Blythe Theodora
Blythe Georgiana
Blythe Madelief
Blythe Meadow
Blythe Lennox
Blythe Gwendolyn
Blythe Ottilie
Blythe Nadine
Blythe Hermione
Blythe Amelie

I agree with @bellerose that Blythe could be paired with something bright and fun in the middle and I love her suggestions of Blythe Juniper and Blythe Rowan. Other vintage/nature/unisex ideas:

Blythe Clementine
Blythe Clover
Blythe Emerson
Blythe Lavender
Blythe Poppy


Blythe Clementine and Blythe Pollyanna are PERFECT. I love Clementine dearly, but I think I’m enjoying Blythe Pollyanna just a little bit more.

Lucy, Hazel, Stella, and Blythe Pollyanna. I rather like that.

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I think Blythe Evangeline, Blythe Winona, or Blythe Harriet are beautiful.

I definitely think Blythe is usable! I’ve recently had a crush on the combo Elizabeth Blythe!

Blythe Dorothea
Blythe Anneliese
Blythe Aurelia
Blythe Elizabeth
Blythe Serene
Blythe Skye
Blythe Forest
Blythe Willow
Blythe Constance
Blythe Caroline

Blythe Genevieve
Blythe Elizabeth
Blythe Clementine
Blythe Winnie

Blythe is so vivacious!

Like the suggestions:
Blythe Vivian
Blythe Adelaide
Blythe Harriet
Blythe Genevieve

and the sound of Blythe Holliday, but - blithe vacation?

More suggestions:
Blythe Clemency
Blythe Miriam
Blythe Eliza
Blythe Madeline
Blythe Matilda
Blythe Shirley :laughing:
Blythe Marlowe