I am due in Nov and feel totally out of the baby loop. I have an 8 year old daughter so I am not a first time mom but it has been a while sense I have had a baby.
When I had my daughter I worked at a daycare then Nannied for a couple of family’s until she was 4 so I was always up on the baby gear. Now… No idea.
I plan on nursing for 6 months to a year if possible. My question is which is the bottle you like best? With [name]Kam[/name] (my daughter) I used Avent but if you have used Avent you know that you have to screw them on the perfect amount. Too loose or too tight and you have a mess! I want a new brand this time around. Something 3 parts only! I don’t feel like putting together and taking apart a puzzle daily. I have a hard enough time keeping socks with their partner I don’t need to spend time looking for a rubber vent or whatever other parts they have.
So please please help me I don’t care to read reviews I was a real mom poll! Thank you!

We did mainly nursing, but we did have a few bottles. Some were avent (which we hated! but they matched our pump so we used them for that) but the ones we actually used for feeding the boys were MAM. Now, the ones we had did have more than 3 pieces so they might not be what you are looking for but we really thought they were excellent and what was really great is that they could be sterilized in the microwave easily without any other stuff needed (no microwave bag or anything, just a bit of water in the bottom and they were set!). They might have some that are only 3 pieces though. [name]Worth[/name] checking out! Good luck!