Boy names Milo, Channing, and Waylon?

Hello again. I posted yesterday on girls’ names ([name]Greer[/name], [name]Pfeiffer[/name], and [name]Charlotte[/name]) and you guys gave some great feedback. Now I want to know your honest opinions on these boy names. I have one name in particular that my husband and I both love, but we worry it sounds strange with the last name (again.) So, here goes. Which one?

[name]Waylon[/name] [name]Daniel[/name] [name]Woolf[/name]
[name]Channing[/name] [name]Lucas[/name] [name]Woolf[/name]
[name]Milo[/name] [name]Holden[/name] [name]Woolf[/name]

The only one we both can agree that we love is [name]Waylon[/name]. Is it too trendy? Could it work with our last name?

Any other good ones you can think of?


oops I see this a girls name only forum. I will post in boy names as well.