Boys name for 1st baby ...

we are expecting our 1st baby a boy, we have no idea where to start with thinking of names.

So far we like kieran, jake, keiton, jack, liam. Husband is only really keen on [name]Jack[/name] but im worried this is to common…

Any suggestions would be grateful.

Those names all seem to be the trend now (I’m in the USA). [name]Just[/name] personal preference whether or not that will bother you. Men in general seem to not care so much about how common or popular a name is, at least in my experience. [name]Jack[/name] and [name]Liam[/name] are two of my favorite names though I prefer to use less common names myself. Start hitting the baby name books and have fun! :slight_smile:

Hmmm…are you worried about [name]Jack[/name] being popular, or are you worried about it being ordinary? If you’re worried about it being popular, it’s been declining over the years according to the SSA. As for it being ordinary, well, there’s a reason some names stand the test of time. I don’t really have any suggestions for you- out of all the names on your list I like [name]Jake[/name] and [name]Liam[/name] the best

If you’re worried about [name]Jack[/name] being to common maybe you could consider [name]Jackson[/name] nn jacks or [name]Jax[/name]?

I can tell you how I started. I bought a big book of baby names and went through it A-Z. (you can also look at the library) I wrote down every name that I didn’t hate basically. You would be surprised what names will grow on you, so if you find it interesting at all, write it down. I also wrote down the meanings and other info, so I wouldn’t have to keep looking it up. After that, I just kept re-hashing the list, and reading it to my husband. Some names you can get rid of quickly because of bad nick names and bad associations. Others you just have to ponder for a while. Some name books also have scoring systems for names (based on spelling, meaning, etc) that can be helpful. We chose [name]Everett[/name] for my son, but it wasn’t at the top of my list for a long time. I wrote it down because it wasn’t bad, but I didn’t love it at first either. After a long time (and many eliminated names) I came back to it, and really started to like it. I love it now, of course, and couldn’t imagine my son with any other name. I hope this helped! Good luck and congratulations!

I guess it depends on what region you are in (if in the U.S.) but [name]Jack[/name] is not as popular as I thought here in Michigan. [name]Jackson[/name] though? Everywhere. [name]Liam[/name] and [name]Jack[/name] are great names though. For suggestions, your other choices reminded me of:


Good luck! :slight_smile:

I personally love Keiton, my oldest (10) is named Keiton, originally we were going to spell it [name]Keaton[/name] but last min dad decided to change it up a bit, it’s a great name and he gets complimented on it all the time

Where are you from?

I live in the UK and all of them excluding Keiton are extremely popular. [name]Kieran[/name] is very dated and falling quickly in terms of popularity, while [name]Jack[/name], [name]Jake[/name] and [name]Liam[/name] are just very popular mainstream names. I know 2 little [name]Jack[/name]'s born in the past week!

Other ideas…

To me [name]Jack[/name] is such a strong, handsom name! I knew a little [name]Jack[/name] and he was a sweetheart :slight_smile: Keep in mind unfortunantly there are alot of sayings using [name]Jack[/name] ([name]Jack[/name] off, [name]Jack[/name] Sh–, you dont know [name]Jack[/name] etc)

Out of the rest of your names I like [name]Liam[/name] best :slight_smile: its very handsom. Maybe if hubby doesnt like [name]Liam[/name] you can name him [name]William[/name] and call him [name]Liam[/name] for short?

I love [name]Liam[/name]. I think [name]Jack[/name] is way to popular and simple.

[name]Kieran[/name] seems a bit boring to me
[name]Jake[/name] seems too nickname-y, I would prefer [name]Jacob[/name] with the nickname [name]Jake[/name].
Keiton seems interesting but I feel like K- names always sound a bit girly
[name]Jack[/name] is a great name, it doesn’t even matter if it’s popular because it is a timeless classic.
[name]Liam[/name] is a great Irish import, very trendy though!
Might I suggest these lists…

I hope this helps. Congratulations!!

[name]Kieran[/name]- I like this.
[name]Jake[/name]- This is my cousin’s name, which I like, but he constantly has to explain that his name is “[name]Just[/name] [name]Jake[/name], not [name]Jacob[/name]”
Keiton- Pronounced like [name]Keaton[/name]? I like this!
[name]Jack[/name]- Im not a fan, too common
[name]Liam[/name]- I like this, but way too popular

[name]Evander[/name] (nn [name]Evan[/name])

Sorry about repeats, let me know what you think of these so I can help some more! good luck :slight_smile:

I love [name]Lachlan[/name] a lot, especially the nickname [name]Lock[/name]. I thought you might like it since it’s similar to [name]Liam[/name] and the nickname for it is reminiscent of [name]Jack[/name].

I like [name]Jack[/name] even though it is popular. I don’t like Keiton.

I like [name]Jack[/name]!
Or [name]Kiernan[/name], [name]Killian[/name], [name]Mack[/name], [name]Malachy[/name], [name]Seamus[/name]…
[name]Jacob[/name] (which is way common but undeniably handsome) or [name]Giacomo[/name] (graceful, nifty O-ending, could use [name]Jack[/name] as a nn)

I would have to say that [name]Jake[/name], [name]Jack[/name] & [name]Liam[/name] are by far the nicest names on the list:) Why not use all of them?? Like [name]Jack[/name] [name]Liam[/name] with the nickname [name]Jake[/name]? Or even just [name]Liam[/name] [name]Jack[/name]?