Boy's style and Girl's style completely different.

I was looking over my style of boy’s names and girl’s names and I’ve noticed they are completely different. The girl’s list is ever-changing, and the boy’s list has pretty much stayed the same in the last 10+ years - rarely do I add or erase any names ([name]Mason[/name] was the lastest addition about 4-5 years ago). Does anyone have something similar with their lists? Oh - and I’m not fond of alternative spellings with boys, whereas with the girl’s I am. And the girl’s names are all over the place on the SSA chart, but the boys are pretty much in the top 200.

Boys are:

Here is SOME of the Girls (they’re all over the place):

I have very boring taste in boys names - very classic and overused in most generations, for the most part. I can’t get into this style and flair with boys names too much. I think at last check, [name]Donovan[/name] was as crazy as I could manage to go, as opposed to [name]Daniel[/name] and [name]John[/name], etc., like that.

For girls, I am a little more whimsical, I’d say. Not by a huge amount, but I would say I don’t even have one style of girls names that I love the most. I usually say I like short, but not too short, nor plain names, maybe from another country, but I also like older names, I also like names that aren’t so old yet, and some of them are longer than I think I would actually use, but I still love them.

For the most part, though, I feel they are the kind of names that will always go with really safe-style traditional boys names because those names are timeless - I wouldn’t have to pair that with a classic girls name. I am trying to think of any girls name throughout history that wouldn’t have probably had a brother with a traditional sort of name. I think you have to go way outside the box to find a name that sounds really awkward with plain old [name]John[/name], in which case, um… [name]Timothy[/name]. ??? That’s a little on the quirky side for me, but I love the nn [name]Tim[/name].