I am loving [name_m]Brannigan[/name_m] nn [name_u]Bran[/name_u] at the moment but is [name_u]Bran[/name_u] too tied to Game of Thrones? Thoughts and opinions on how usable it is would be very helpful. Any compromises, or other suggestions would be great too.

  • Yes, it’s too tied to the TV show to use
  • Usable if you don’t mind the comments
  • A different nickname would solve the issue
  • Its just not usable in general
  • Its 100% usable as is

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I don’t think so. [name_u]Bran[/name_u] is very versatile.

Bran is one of my favorites!
I think [name_m]Brannigan[/name_m] nn [name_u]Bran[/name_u] is perfectly usable. I don’t think it’s too tied to the show, as it’s not an obvious name like [name_f]Cersei[/name_f] or [name_f]Daenerys[/name_f]!
Also, I don’t think the game of thrones association is technically a bad one, as [name_m]Brandon[/name_m] [name_u]Stark[/name_u] is a great character! So I wouldn’t worry about it too much!

I’ve never seen GoT, but I know it’s very popular. You will probably get some comments on it, but it shouldn’t be a huge issue.

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I’ve watched GOT and my first thought wouldn’t be that if I met a [name_u]Bran[/name_u] so I think it’s definitely usable. :blush:

I’ve never seen GoT, but I believe the name is very usable, I’m just not a fan of it. [name_u]Bran[/name_u] is a nice nickname.

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Bran feels versatile and so long as you wouldn’t hate someone asking if it was linked to GoT occasionally, I think it’s usable!

I thought of Zapp [name_m]Brannigan[/name_m] from Futurama before GoT, but that might be a dated association now, seeing as no one’s mentioned it haha. I don’t think the GoT connection with [name_u]Bran[/name_u] is a problem.

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I’ve never seen Game of Thrones so would never have made the connection but I really like [name_u]Bran[/name_u], I think it’s very cute for a little boy but could also work for an adult. I also know a Brem which is similar.

Definitely usable! I don’t think that many people will comment on it. As pp said above, name from GOT are pretty popular, especially [name_u]Arya[/name_u] so I don’t think [name_u]Bran[/name_u] will stand out at all. I would expect some comments though (that’s the option I voted for). Btw love the name [name_m]Brannigan[/name_m]!

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I also thought of Zapp before I thought of [name_u]Bran[/name_u] from GoT

I’ve never seen GoT, so I didn’t know about the connection. I think [name_u]Bran[/name_u] is perfectly usable (I actually prefer just [name_u]Bran[/name_u] over [name_m]Brannigan[/name_m]), but since GoT is (or was) a pretty popular series, you may get some comments. If that doesn’t bother you, then go ahead and use the name.

That was my thought too but I think it’s obscure enough to not be a factor.