Brother For Happy

hi all, so I am pregnant with my second and he’s a boy!! I am having a hard time coming up with his name :confused: my daughters name is [name]Clementine[/name] [name]Happy[/name] and we named her knowing we would call her by her middle name, [name]Happy[/name]. I like names to match but what goes with [name]Happy[/name]?? His first name will definitely be Charels as it is an important family name to my husband, but I actually don’t really like the name so we will not be calling him char els or [name]Charlie[/name]. Any ideas???

The name [name]Isaac[/name] means laughter which goes along with [name]Happy[/name] very well! What about the name [name]Charles[/name] [name]Isaac[/name]?

  • [name]Evelyn[/name]

Too popular for me, but that did just give me an idea to look up meaning of names. Thanks!

You’re welcome! good luck! Keep me posted on what you decide!

[name]Felix[/name] and [name]Asher[/name] both mean happy; [name]Ike[/name] and Yitzak both mean laughter.

What about…

[name]Pax[/name] (“peace”)
[name]Sweeney[/name] (first syllable sounds like sweet…happy and sweet? Also, the original Gaelic form has the meaning, “well-going.” [name]Love[/name] this for you!)
[name]Macario[/name] (Spanish; happy)
[name]Fortunato[/name] (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese; happy) This one’s a bit unwieldy, maybe as a middle name?
Ronen (Hebrew; song, joy)
[name]Winston[/name] (Old English; joy stone) I actually adore this with [name]Clementine[/name]…[name]Clementine[/name] and [name]Winston[/name] is magnificent
[name]Gil[/name] (Hebrew; joy, happiness)
[name]Osher[/name] (Hebrew; happiness)
[name]Zorion[/name] (Basque; happiness) This one’s quite cool as well…
[name]Bonaventura[/name] (Italian; good fortune)
[name]Boniface[/name] (French, English; good fate)
[name]Darius[/name] (to possess goodness)
[name]Evander[/name] (good man… I really like this with [name]Clementine[/name]/[name]Happy[/name] too!)
[name]Hermes[/name] (He was associated with good luck, and [name]Hermes[/name] and [name]Happy[/name] is so cute)

[name]Sweeney[/name] and evander are going on the list!

Yay! I am glad I could help. :slight_smile: Those are two of my favorites too!

I’ve always loved [name]Lucky[/name] (Lahki for a girl) but not brave enough to use it. I’d most likely go with [name]Lucian[/name], Luxe, [name]Luke[/name], or [name]Luca[/name] and call him [name]Lucky[/name]

I love lucky, in fact the little girl i am a nanny for is named lucky. So it’s out :frowning:

Okay, so I looked up names that mean good fortune/ fortunate for the ‘lucky’ theme, and found:


And then just some other ones you might like because they sound happy/upbeat to me!