Brother for Lucie & Anne?

We’re expecting a boy in [name_u]June[/name_u]. We already have a daughter together named [name_f]Anne[/name_f] and I have a daughter named [name_f]Lucie[/name_f] from a previous relationship.

Picking the right name seems to very difficult for us this time.

Some we like:

Any suggestions or comments?

The only request we have is that it would be fairly easy to pronounce for my [name_m]French[/name_m] relatives.

My favorites from your list are [name_m]Mathias[/name_m], [name_m]Nolan[/name_m], [name_m]Hugo[/name_m], and [name_m]Soren[/name_m] (as a middle name), but all the names listed are cute.
Some suggestions:

You could mix up names from your list to make a combination. Something [name_m]Nolan[/name_m] [name_m]Thomas[/name_m], [name_m]Elijah[/name_m] [name_m]Soren[/name_m], or [name_m]Simon[/name_m] [name_m]Hugo[/name_m] would be cute. Good luck choosing a name!

My top three would be [name_m]Soren[/name_m], [name_m]Simon[/name_m], and [name_m]Nolan[/name_m].

[name_f]Lucie[/name_f], [name_f]Anne[/name_f], and:

[name_u]Noel[/name_u] - NOHL

I love [name_m]Soren[/name_m] and [name_m]Simon[/name_m].

I think from your list [name_m]Thomas[/name_m] and [name_m]Oscar[/name_m] would be great with [name_f]Lucie[/name_f] and [name_f]Anne[/name_f]! I also think [name_m]Henry[/name_m] and [name_u]James[/name_u] would be great!

My top two from your list are [name_m]Thomas[/name_m] & [name_m]Hugo[/name_m].

[name_f]Lucie[/name_f], [name_f]Anne[/name_f], and …

Of your choices, I like [name_m]Julian[/name_m].