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See the results of this poll: What do you think of the name Orion Sterling?

Respondents: 17 (This poll is closed)

  • Love it: 2 (12%)
  • Like it: 7 (41%)
  • I’m ok with it: 6 (35%)
  • dislike it: 1 (6%)
  • hate it: 1 (6%)

I depends on how they pronounce [name]Orion[/name] for me… If it’s oh-[name]RYE[/name]-on I don’t like it, but if it’s OAR-ee-on, I really do! The first pronunciation just sounds like a complicated [name]Ryan[/name] to me, which is useless, but the other is distinctly unique and really stands out! I’m usually not a fan of O names with a heavy sound like [name]Otto[/name], [name]Orion[/name] and [name]Odin[/name], I prefer [name]Oliver[/name] and [name]Owen[/name], but paired with [name]Sterling[/name] it sounds a lot better!! I like the recurring R’s and I’s which gives the name better flow…

I voted “like” rather than “love” because of my thoughts about [name]Orion[/name], and because I think it’s a very unique choice, and it would take some family/boy to pull it off successfully. Very bold and daring, especially since both names are practically unheard these days and they’re both word names…

[name]Orion[/name] was on our long list! I’d pronounce it Or-ray-in, like the myth/star. I love it.

[name]Stirling[/name] is alright, but it sounds great in this combo.

Actually, after this post, [name]Orion[/name] may be back in contention…