BUG REPORT: Problems around the site for me - others?

I have had some trouble today navigating around this site, in an unusual way… I had tried to post to yesterday’s blog, and then taken to an error message. Went back and tried to repost, this time it says I have posted the message already, but it wasn’t there. I tried to take some time and look at other stuff and come back to it, now that page won’t load the full article, cuts off the bottom in the middle of one comment and many of the images do not load either. Earlier, I posted on today’s blog with no problem, but clicked the link at the top for yesterday’s article and it said the page I was looking for doesn’t exist.

I have had some troubles on the forums too. I made a double-post because the first time it took me to an error page - but I deleted the extra post once I could look at the page. Last time this happened, the post only went once. Other times, I am trying to read back on posts if an article looks interesting or has new comments and the page says the page I went to look at isn’t there, or when it loads after I submit a comment - not there. Other times, it is fine. Most of the pages take forever to load either way, so I start to think it will take too long and fail, but it only does that sometimes. I’ve experienced most of these issues here before, but the glitches are usually minor and happen once in a few days or longer, not all at once. It’s making it kind of hard to look around today.

Is there some behind-the-scenes construction playing with a lot of the functions or is it on my side? Anyone else experiencing problems I’ve described?

Sometimes I will be working on a post, and then suddenly the whole thing disappears. So now I post what I’m working on and then work on it some more.
Sometimes I get to a page where it says this page does not exist, so then I just go back to where I was and then try again. The second time usually works.
At times the site seems to be malfunctioning so I go do something else and then return at a later time. Sometimes late at night the site is all messed up, and I figure that someone is working on it. So I get off the computer and do something else.

Today the site seems very slow to me, and some pages won’t load, so I’ve definitely noticed that something is going on. :frowning:

I hope that Nameberry feels better soon!

I had trouble all weekend – got messages the server wasn’t responding. I was able to use other sites without similar messages.