But how popular is a name, really?

[name]Hi[/name] Berries!

So, we’re due with our first in [name]July[/name] and throwing around names, like you do.
I’ve run into some confusion over how truly popular a name is.

For example, the name [name]Kelsey[/name] is on the top 1000 list as both [name]Kelsey[/name] and [name]Kelsie[/name]. [name]Isabella[/name] is on there as spelled, but also [name]Izabella[/name], and [name]Isabela[/name]! So, then, doesn’t this affect the other names on the list? If you like a name in the low 200s (which we do) is it really in that spot, when you consider all the multiple spellings of the truly popular names?

And how do these numbers on the list equate to the population? With a name in the 200s, how many little girls are actually running around with that name?

Thank ya’ll for your help!

I think it is a good idea to take other spellings into account. They can’t really lump names in together because, for instance, [name]Kelley[/name] and [name]Kelsey[/name] are only one letter off, but different names, while [name]Kelsey[/name] and [name]Kelsie[/name] are 2 letters off but variations of the same name. Also, it seems like more people are using nicknames as given names, so if you throw in [name]Bella[/name]/[name]Belle[/name]/[name]Izzy[/name]/etc. that one could get tricky. However, I’ve read that popular now isn’t the same as it used to be. The number 1 name applies to a much smaller percent of the babies born than it did in past generations. I think a lot more people are trying to avoid top-ranked names–since the internet, many more people are aware of the top names than could be before. I would still shy away from top 100 names, but in the 200s, I think yea, you’ll come across other kids with that name but it won’t be 3 other kids in the same class. Oh, but also keep in mind that some names are regionally popular. Your picks could be much more or much less common in your area.

The SSA website will tell you the actual number of babies given a particular name that year. It won’t combine spellings, but I really don’t think it makes that much of a difference. 90% will get the standard spelling anyway. If you’re looking at a name ranked in the 200s, your child is not likely to run into another one in his class, unless it’s an unusual spelling of a more popular name.

If you are looking for a list where it combines the spellings to let you know just how popular a name truly is: Name Nerds! name popularity lists

Ooh that’s an interesting site. [name]Just[/name] been looking at the names for [name]England[/name] and [name]Wales[/name] 2010. I agree that grouping names in an excellent idea BUT I’ve already noticed one error. They seem to think that [name]Emilia[/name] is a mispelling of [name]Amelia[/name] when in fact the two are different names. If they’re going to group similar sounding names together then they need to group [name]Sophie[/name]/[name]Sophia[/name] and [name]Isobel[/name]/[name]Isabella[/name] too.

Also, actually seeing the insane spellings people have come up with in order to be ‘unique’ is really funny! Three fools named their child ‘Emelye’ Three! And forty one people mispelled [name]Phoebe[/name] as [name]Pheobe[/name] "-_-

They’ve also not grouped Leila with the Layla family, instead putting it with Leela. Again, not accurate. We see Leila as Layla.

I guess it’s because [name]Emilia[/name] and [name]Amelia[/name] are said pretty much identically while [name]Sophie[/name] and [name]Sophia[/name] and [name]Isabel[/name]/la aren’t, there’s a whole extra syllable in there.

[name]Leila[/name]'s a tricky one as it can be said either as [name]Leela[/name] or [name]Layla[/name], I think it’s probably subjective which group you class it as.

I think these issues are a big part of why most lists don’t try to group. I’m [name]Alexandra[/name] and go by [name]Alex[/name], but I know an [name]Alexandria[/name] and an [name]Alexis[/name] that also go by [name]Alex[/name] (not to mention the boys) so while grouping these might help to determine how many people are/could be going by my name, it gets even tougher trying to group when taking nns into account.

Thank ya’ll so much for your input!
My husband and I both have fairly common names, and it is something we’d like to avoid for the [name]Little[/name] Human.

I think you have to consider NN too. Where I live [name]Archie[/name] and [name]Archer[/name] are both top 100, so put them together and it automatically becomes a top 20 name.

And LOL at [name]Pheobe[/name]. It’s my sisters name (well, [name]Phoebe[/name] is). Seriously, wouldn’t you check?