Caia or Sila

What do you think of these names for girls?
I want the “ky-ya” pronunciation, but I prefer the spelling and meaning with the “c” start.
I can’t find Sila on this website, but I really like how it sounds. I would like to pronounce it “Sigh-la.”
Which do you like better? [name]Do[/name] you think both are too weird? Thoughts on pronunciation issues if you just saw this name?

[name]Caia[/name] is okay, and I actually like the spelling. Seems like a feminine form of the Greek [name]Caius[/name]. Sila, however, sounds made-up and would likely be pronounced “SEE-la.” It also kind of reminds me of a grain silo. Maybe spell it Syla or Sylah.

Good luck!

I also thought silo immediately. :frowning: If I encountered the name in real life, I’d assume it was pronounced like ([name]Pris[/name])cilla. I agree that Syla would be preferable to get your desired pronunciation, but honestly I think [name]Sela[/name] (as in [name]Ward[/name]) is a much prettier option.

My vote goes to [name]Caia[/name]! I absolutely love this spelling! It’s simply gorgeous!

I prefer [name]Caia[/name] out of these two. What about [name]Sylvia[/name], [name]Silvia[/name], [name]Celia[/name], [name]Selah[/name]?

Thanks for the great feedback. Ok, so Sila hasn’t tested well with my husband either, so perhaps it will have to be cut. I really don’t like made up names, so its kind of funny that I was considering it. [name]Glad[/name] to have some honest feedback.
[name]Caia[/name] will remain as top runner, with Talu ([name]Talula[/name]). I have 3 more months to decide, but its driving me crazy to not know for sure!

I like [name]Caia[/name]!

I happen to know a girl (age 6) named [name]Kya[/name], but I do like the [name]Caia[/name] spelling. If you aren’t ready to let go of Sila yet, reconsider the Syla spelling, kind of like the feminine form of [name]Sylas[/name], which I feel like people would get. With that being said, I like Syla the best. It’s very unique…but not in the “yooneek” kind of way:) Not a huge fan of [name]Tula[/name], though.

My best friend was pregnant last year and her front runner for a girl was Sylla! Too funny! I haven’t heard the name from anyone else but her. {She didn’t use it, had a boy.} So, Sylla gets my vote. I think it’s really pretty. =]