Callia, Kalia, Caleah, how in the world to spell this????

I heard a name promounced K-ah-leah…I sort of liked the sound of it, the beginning sounds like [name]Callista[/name] Flockarts name.

what would be the best spelling? Is the the kind of name that would be trouble, would people constantly mispronounce it? And lastly, do you like this name, does it feel classy and timeless? Is it too feminine and frilly? Thoughts?

I met a girl named [name]Callia[/name] recently, however, she pronounced it CAH-lee-uh, like [name]Calla[/name] but with an “ia” sound on the end. It sounds made up to me, but it’s pretty. I would think it would encounter a lot of pronunciation/spelling issues since it’s not really an established name. I looked on Behind the Name (a very reputable source) and it doesn’t seem to appear as a name. There’s Caelia which is a feminine form of the ancient name, Caelius, but that would be pronounced [name]KAY[/name]-lee-uh or [name]KAI[/name]-lee-uh. It also says there’s a Hawaiian name, [name]Kalea[/name], and I’d pronounce that Kuh-[name]LEE[/name]-uh. [name]Hope[/name] that helps!

Not completely sure exactly what pronounciation you are trying to get…! So…
if you want [name]Kay[/name]-a-lee-a then I’d go with Kayalia
if you want K(eye)-a-lee-a then I’d go with Kaialea
if you want [name]Kay[/name]-lee-a then I’d go with [name]Kaylia[/name] or Kaelia
if you want Kall-ee-a then I’d go with [name]Callia[/name]

Any good?

There is a Hawaiian name [name]Kalea[/name]/Kaleah (pronounced kuh-lee-uh). If this is the pronunciation you want, I would go with Kaleah.