I love the name [name]Calvin[/name] but it means ‘bald’ do you think he will be teased about this?

I think [name]Calvin[/name] is a fantastic name! Chances are most children, or people for that matter, will not know the meaning of the name so I doubt he will get teased for it.

I also had [name]Calvin[/name] on my short list, but have decided not to go with it because of the meaning. In my case, there are so many names out there that have great meanings that I like just as well as [name]Calvin[/name], so I am going with one of those.

If you are simply worried about your son getting teased by other kids, the meaning isn’t going to be a big deal. Very few kids know the meanings of names. If you personally don’t like the meaning, that’s a different story…

I second this! :slight_smile: