Can I get some name suggestions for my two new kittens?

We get to take these little guys home in about a week. I have zero creativity so I was hoping y’all could help me out. They are both males. We’re looking for two creative names, but nothing too weird. Thank you!

I’m not sure what kind of style…

Old man:
[name]Theodore[/name] & [name]Walter[/name] “[name]Teddy[/name] and [name]Walt[/name]”


[name]Ernest[/name] & [name]Buzz[/name]

[name]Milo[/name] & [name]Jasper[/name]

[name]Winston[/name] & [name]Humphrey[/name]

[name]Remus[/name] & [name]Romulus[/name]


[name]Augustus[/name] & [name]Caesar[/name]

[name]Dash[/name] & [name]Jett[/name]

[name]Teddy/name and [name]Olly[/name] ([name]Oliver[/name])

I liked the suggestion of [name]Theodore[/name]. And [name]Walter[/name], or [name]Oliver[/name] - very cute. They look they are wearing little tuxedos, so I would personally pick gentleman-y names. Perhaps [name]Sebastian[/name], Allister or [name]Cornelius[/name].