Can I pronounce Brigitte "Bridge-it"?

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  • yes, that is one correct prononciation of Brigitte: 6 (55%)
  • no, that would be wrong: 5 (45%)

[name]Brigitte[/name] is the french version of [name]Bridget[/name]. While they are virtually the same name, they are from 2 different languages and therefore are pronounced differently.

I think it’s very similar but the ‘d’ sound that is emphasized in [name]Bridge[/name]-it doesn’t exist in [name]Brigitte[/name] - so it would be more like bri-jeet.

Why not spell it [name]Bridget[/name]? Then you wouldnt have to worry about the pronounciation. I would prn [name]Brigitte[/name] [name]Bri[/name]-gheet (kinda hard to explain).

my husband is francophone but I feel funny calling my kid a french name, not being a native speaker

Someone just mentioned pronouncing [name]Brigitte[/name] brig-it-a; sounds [name]German[/name] to me. Maybe that is valid. Before then, I’d only heard [name]Brigitte[/name].

My Austrian friend was called [name]Brigitte[/name] and answered to [name]Bridge[/name] ette or Brig it ah. It is your choice and Gitty is the nn.