Can 'Tribute' be used as a name?

Tribute appeals to me for a boy. Is it usable like noble, loyal and [name]Merritt[/name]? Or is it over the top like [name]Legend[/name], hero and [name]Princess[/name]? Thanx berries

In my opinion, it’s over the top, worse than [name]Princess[/name]. [name]Hero[/name] is actually quite nice on a girl in my opinion, like in [name]Shakespeare[/name]'s Much [name]Ado[/name] About Nothing or the Greek story of [name]Hero[/name] and [name]Leander[/name]. Tribute is either on par with or worse than [name]Legend[/name], I can’t quite decide. It just doesn’t strike me as seeming very name-like.

I’d have to think of how I felt about Tribute for a boys name, however, I think it would make a cute girls name. But, if you were really bent on naming your little boy Tribute, go ahead, our opinions shouldn’t matter (: I would respect your decision (and hopefully others would, too)

I think it’s over-the-top. Maybe a middle name.

I think it’s way over the top. If I met someone with that name, my question would be “You’re a tribute to who?” Definitely cringe-inducing odd.

No. I honestly can’t see myself taking a child or parent seriously if they were called that :confused: there are tons of usable strong masculine names to choose from without scanning the dictionary for more options. I think it’s a step too far [name]IMO[/name], [name]Princess[/name]? [name]Hero[/name]? [name]Legend[/name]? pfft. Why not call them Carpet? or Gymnasium? they also sound masculine but are clearly objects! Lol :smiley: xxx

This. I get a ‘human sacrifice’ vibe from Tribute, for some reason.

I don’t think its very usable as a name. I think [name]Noble[/name] and [name]Loyal[/name] work because they are part of a character/personality. Tribute doesn’t have that same connection (However, as nono said, I do like [name]Hero[/name] for a girl)

I know what you mean about the human sacrifice feel. I think I get this vibe because of the Hunger Games- the children forced to compete in the Games are called “tributes”. Tribute has a pleasing sound, but I’m not sure I can get behind it as a name. It could work as a middle if you like it enough.

No. Never, never, ever.

I actually don’t mind it. Gasp! I do think it would be better suited as a middle name and I much prefer it for a boy. FWIW, I really like Merit, [name]Noble[/name], and [name]Hero[/name], too.

I wouldn’t use Tribute. It feels a little over-arching to me, a bit like something to live up to, and especially in the time of The Hunger Games, it takes on more of a dangerous, raw vibe. Synonym [name]Honor[/name] is much more approachable, partly because the word is much softer. [name]Hero[/name] is perhaps bolder in meaning, but, again, it’s softer and is arched in mythical, literary foundations. I think [name]Noble[/name] works, as does the lovely Merit ([name]Merritt[/name]), but [name]Loyal[/name] is one I question - it has potential.

You pegged a couple of these as over the top, and I concur. [name]Legend[/name]? I wouldn’t. It’s a lot to live up to. Too much to live up to. Irrational and unreasonable in my mind, honestly. And [name]Princess[/name]? I dislike title names - [name]Prince[/name], [name]Knight[/name], especially [name]Princess[/name], which has a “puppy vibe” to it these days.


I think it’s a strange name cause it seems to imply that this person exists in tribute to someone else…while it’s nice to honor someone else with your kid’s name it should still be able to become their own, be about them (I don’t know if I’m expressing what I mean correctly…) but this name seems like this name is too much about someone else other than the person wearing it.

Also it makes me think of newspapers (sounds like Tribune)

Totally not useable. Please don’t name your child Tribute :frowning:

No, not a good name for a person. The Hunger Games reference makes it unappealing.

Over the top imo.

And it screams The Hunger Games fan. Which is great, but still…fandom naming is not viewed as a good thing.

Nope, sorry.