Can't decide! Emmett, Landon, or Simon?

I love all these three names equally, which one do you like best?

Simon is my favorite boy’s name!

Simon is my favorite of the three. [name_u]Emmett[/name_u] would probably be second pick, but I prefer [name_u]Emerson[/name_u] or [name_u]Everett[/name_u].

Voting for [name_m]Simon[/name_m]!

Emmett is probably my favorite, but [name_u]Landon[/name_u] is also nice.

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I vote for [name_u]Emmett[/name_u].

I love [name_u]Emmett[/name_u]!

I love [name_u]Emmett[/name_u]! Soft, rugged and sweet

Emmett by a mile. I like [name_u]Landon[/name_u] but nowhere near as much. I’ve never really liked [name_m]Simon[/name_m], sorry.

Not my style, but I guess [name_u]Landon[/name_u]

My fav is [name_u]Emmett[/name_u], then [name_u]Landon[/name_u] and [name_m]Simon[/name_m]


Definitely [name_u]Emmett[/name_u], I have always loved this name :slight_smile:

Simon is :heart_eyes:

Landon even though I actually like [name_m]Lando[/name_m] a bit more.

All are nice, but [name_u]Emmett[/name_u] is my favorite.


Emmett!! So soft and sweet, but strong at the same time. [name_m]Simon[/name_m] and [name_u]Landon[/name_u] are lovely too, but [name_u]Emmett[/name_u] definitely gets my vote.


Definitely [name_u]Emmett[/name_u]!