Can't go to my account page?

Hope I posted it in the right category

I can’t see my profile anymore. T^T Every time I want to go to my account, I get a white screen with this message:

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

Has anyone had this problem before? I’ve already deleted my browser history, cookies and cache etc but it didn’t change anything. The rest of the site works for me, both the forums and browsing through names etc. It’s just when I try to go to my account it loads for like 2-3 seconds (I can see my lists and what not for those 2 seconds) and then it becomes white and shows that message.

I loaded my browser console but… I don’t understand it. I don’t know how it works or what it does and how to read the results or how to fix the issue T^T

EDIT: I have also tried:

  • Changing to a different browser
  • logging in through my phone and trying it on my phone
  • in cognito mode

I’m having a similar problem. My account page with my name lists is blank. I have tried rehearting the names I like but they don’t go back on my list. When I refresh the page with a name I just hearted, the marked heart is then unmarked.
I’m not recieving any error message and this seems to only happen on mobile. I just checked my account on desktop and everything is there.

Have you tried clearing cookies on mobile? Sounds like a loading issue as it’s all still there on a different device.

I will try that, but it’s odd because I never use nameberry on mobile. I just tried to log in on mobile to see if it worked on there. I always use a laptop for this website.
And the account page doesn’t work on any device for me unfortunately. But I’ll give it a go, see if that helps ^^

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Thanks, that worked.

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So glad to hear it!

Unfortunately I still can’t go to my account page. T^T I still get the message. I cleared all cookies on my phone and on my laptop again but unfortunately, nothing works ><
Is there a way to see my favorites list and other lists without going to the account page first?

There isn’t another way to see favourites, I’m afraid. If you have links to the direct URL of your lists you may be able to view those.

Is it still the “client side exception” message? Is your browser fully up to date?

Yes it’s the same message, and my browser is up to date. T^T I guess I’ll just have to browse through all the names on nameberry again and rewrite my list on my computer for now…

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Sorry to hear that. We haven’t had any other reports of this, so I don’t know what else to suggest if you’ve already cleared your cache.

[name_m]Can[/name_m] you still see hearted names in the suggestions section at the bottom of other name pages?

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Yes, if I browse through pages of suggestions or other people’s lists (or just the nameberry main page with the top 100) I can see the colored hearts of the ones I faved. So it’s still there somehow xD
So I’ll just go through all the names again and write them down separately in a file on my computer so I can easily find them. That seems the easiest, because everything else works fine for me on the website.

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