can't pick a name...

my wife is very picky when it comes to names and today she and i were talking about names, and [name]Bush[/name] came on the ipod in the car and i said “what about [name]Gavin[/name]?” and she for once was completely happy with the idea.

then i thought of a similar sounding girl’s name and said “what about [name]Haven[/name]?” and she really liked that as a possible girl’s name.

the problem i’m having is, [name]Gavin[/name] unbeknown to me until now after one simple Google search, is VERY popular and we don’t want him to have a popular name.

ANY HELP HERE?! =) it’s greatly appreciated.

Names with two syllables and ends in “n”:

[name]Lachlan[/name]- I think it’s popular in Australia and [name]England[/name]

I’m fairly sure that none of these are in the Top 100, though I may be wrong. I think these are close enough in style with [name]Gavin[/name], too.

Good luck! =)

if my last name is nelson, would it sound bad to use haven…? i just thought about that.

Personally, if my last name were [name]Nelson[/name], I wouldn’t use [name]Haven[/name] or anything ending with “n” because the “n” in [name]Nelson[/name] runs into the first name. Also, both names would end in the same way.

I like [name]Griffin[/name] too. Or maybe [name]Gunnar[/name]. G & H names are my favorite.

I don’t really like [name]Haven[/name] [name]Nelson[/name] together, but maybe you could stick with an H name. [name]Harper[/name]?

If your last name is [name]Nelson[/name], I wouldn’t use [name]Gunnar[/name]. [name]Gunnar[/name] [name]Nelson[/name] is on of [name]Rick[/name] [name]Nelson[/name]'s twin sons. They perform as The [name]Nelson[/name] Brothers. [name]Griffin[/name] is a nice choice though.

I do agree that [name]Harper[/name] is a cute alternative to [name]Haven[/name].