Career Choice!

This year in schooler have to pick our subjects or lessons we want to keep. I have some idea of what I want to be but not totally like " OMG I’m diffentely going to be …".

My idea of jobs are;

Theripist (children)
[name_u]Drama[/name_u] teacher.

What Careers do you have or want to have?

I mean I’m so confused on what I want to be… I’m really good at writing I guess, but sometimes it bores me and also being an author seems pretty unpredictable money wise. I know other jobs that involve literature are like journalists, and English teachers and editors, but really they just don’t fit me. I’m good at everything else, ( I’m a straight A honor student) but I feel like any job I choose will never interest me enough! :slight_smile: Right now I’m excited to take graphic design next semester, my aunt is a graphic designer and it seems really cool and like something I could do. I’m not a great artist, but I have really good ideas I just can’t execute them perfectly. So yeah we’ll see. All I know is I want to go to [name_f]Columbia[/name_f] or NYU, so I have to do really really really well in school!

I’m definitely going to be a writer, and work somewhere ‘normal’(maybe McDonalds) to actually get money.

I really, I mean really want to become a psychologist/psychiatric. I love the idea of been around people and help them to be mentally well. I have thought to became a doctor but I hate blood. To get to this university I need to study really hard. I need to have a score around 18,000 to get in. But this is soooo hard, if I dont succeed it I also like kindergarten teacher. I love been around kids. I also like athletic journalist.We will see:-)

@[name_f]Bellerose[/name_f]; Psychologist is another job I would love too, I hate blood too and veins!!!.

Writing is a good job too, but money might be an issue!

My dream is to be on Broadway! If that doesn’t work out, then I would like to go into Special Education, or become a neonatal nurse. When I have kids though, I would like to stay home with them. :slight_smile:

Oh I’m writing right now. Raevynbstar – Writing is so difficult and it takes YEARS to even get someone to look at your work, so you might want to come up with an actual career to make good money since you’re not going to be making much as a writer for a long time. [name_m]Even[/name_m] after you get published it takes a while to get good money. I don’t mean to discourage you, I just thought, as someone who has been published (poetry) and has a novel going through the publishing house, you deserved to know.

Aside from the writing I’m doing now, I also own my own business performing weddings, funerals, cleansing, tarot readings and other services. I’m finishing college for Creative writing with a minor in Anthropology and Psychology. I went through a time of majoring in English (to teach) and Criminal [name_u]Justice[/name_u] and then Criminal [name_u]Justice[/name_u] AND Psychology.

I also spent 4 years working at a daycare with 5-12 year olds.

Dantea- Thanks for the good feedback.

I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field. Over the years I have changed my mind on the specific choices. I realized lately that while I did want to be in the medical field it wasn’t something I completely loved. I was such a mess because I had these huge plans on where I was going to go and everyone knew that becoming a doctor is what I wanted to do, but now I’m not even sure. I enjoy cooking so I think I might go to culinary school and eventually open up a restaurant.

Writing is another I loved doing, but I recently went a whole year with a huge writers block. It’s so stressful not being able to write anything that seems worthy.

Eh I’m still not very sure. A few years ago I decided I wanted to be a writer. But I get bored with writing easily and get writers block every single time I try to write. So take that plus the fact that you probably are not going to get paid very much for a long time, I don’t think it’s for me. I just don’t have the determination and I’m not willing to put in the effort.

At the moment I’m questioning what kind of jobs I would be GOOD AT versus what I WANT to do. I question my abilities and intelligence a lot so I’m always changing my mind on what careers I should put myself into. Sometimes I love the idea of a job but then I look up on the college/university requirements and competitiveness and stress and then I change my mind about that job because I don’t think I could do it.

Careers I want to do (but can’t for some reason or another):

Midwifery (I love the idea of just being one on one with a person and helping them through something like that. Plus at the end, you get to see cute babies! :slight_smile: Only thing is it is a VERY competitive field pretty much anywhere. It’s an on-call job which sucks. Also a lot of universities don’t take students right out of high school and expect you to have a lot of experience in the medical (or anything child related) field before they ask you to join the classes. So I would pretty much have to be a nurse first THEN try this…but by that time I might be 50, tired and have no money to pay for the classes)

Teacher either [name_u]Early[/name_u] Childhood or Elementary Another way I can be around kids…another plus is I love sharing what I know about history…only problem is I’m very shy, have a hard time speaking in front of groups and…I’m really not good with any kid over the age of 1…I just freeze up and don’t know what to do with myself. That and my mom says I’m not a good teacher cause I get frustrated easily…

Pediatrician- Haha, if I thought trying to become a midwife was hard…

Adoption Counselor- It would fix a lot of problems I’m having but it’s really not something I want to do. It’s a huge responsibility trying to make sure the right children go to the right parents…

If Historians got paid more and had more stability in their careers I would consider being one.

I really think it will be a few years before I make up my mind. Right now I think I got to increase my confidence. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I kinda went on a rant there. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was in high school I loved art but knew I didn’t want to be a “starving artist” or a teacher. I want more stability. So knitting is my creative outlet in my free time. I also love the life sciences and knew I wanted to major in Biology in undergrad and at first I considered dentistry, but I didn’t want to actually own my own business so changed my mind eventually.

In college I especially loved learning anatomy and physiology and how drugs affect the body. So after sophomore year I interned at a hospital pharmacy and loved it. Then I worked at a large chain drugstore part-time while finishing undergrad and went to pharmacy school after that. I entered pharmacy school in the fall of 2008. Pharmacist starting salaries were at an all-time high. Guaranteed to make 100K right out of school! they said. Plus sign-on bonuses! Then the recession hit. I was still working part-time at a large chain drugstore and didn’t like the way pharmacists were pressured to hurry up so they could cut hours and save money…and they forced pharmacists who had been working at one store to float (play substitute traveling pharmacist) again. I crossed that chain off of places I would ever work for. I also got an additional masters degree to increase my options when I graduated. The job market has tightened up a bit and it is very difficult to initially get a job that is not at a chain drugstore without a residency (which is now another 2 years…a 2 years I was not willing to put my life on hold for any longer).

Starting salaries, in my area, have gone down since I entered pharmacy school and it is again a field where one has to work one’s way up. The market is quite regional. People willing to work in rural areas shouldn’t have a problem, generally speaking. (I basically got my job because I grew up in the middle of nowhere and the recruiter was having difficulty finding anyone to stay at a rural store) But those tied to certain metropolitan areas may find it very difficult to find a position. If I had it to do all over again, I would. But I don’t know if I would recommend it to my teenage stepchildren unless they knew that they absolutely loved community pharmacy and were prepared to live with tons of debt…pharmacy school just keeps getting more and more expensive; it is ridiculous and the Pay as You Earn plan is going to be needed by anyone who doesn’t have a benefactor footing their school bill.

Careers I think would have also been a good fit, and that I would recommend my stepchildren look into: actuary, radiology technician, medical sonographer, dental hygenist, dentist, nurse midwife

Oh, I don’t know. I’m a college senior now but I still don’t know. I recently complete my internship program and they said I’ll make a good copywriter. *sigh We’ll see latter.

Beside copywriter (which I already consider before anyone told me to do so), I still want to study art, or becoming a psychologist, or work in wedding organizer, or… I don’t know.

I decided to major in Elementary Education. I have taught third grade one year and fifth grade another. I am taking this school year off for two reasons. [name_f]One[/name_f] reason (the major reason) being there was a chance we were going to have to move if my husband got a certain job and the other being that we thought it would be a good idea for me to take it kind of easy during this pregnancy. I love working with children and I have loved teaching. If anyone has any questions about teaching, I would be happy to answer them. I am hardly an expert, but I can tell you what I have loved and disliked about it so far.

Please can a really old person butt in?

Aged 40 I’d say the careers that have been the most rewarding amongst my friends are the ones with a good answer to ‘why am I doing this?’. A positive feeling of being in control of your work, having variety and making a contribution are rewarding and this isn’t often the case among writers I know during a decade working on magazines. Medical careers, teaching, law seem to bring more fulfilment. Most writers aren’t doing creative writing but practicing a trade. Most actors are unemployed so a rewarding and interesting back up plan is wise. Also, know yourself: do you work well on your own? Meet deadlines? Good and organisedat chasing and submitting invoices as a freelance writer? [name_f]Love[/name_f] working every [name_m]Saturday[/name_m] as an event organiser? I recommend asking peoe who do a job you are interested in to meet you for a 15 minute coffee to find out what’s involved, most are happy to help.

Another huge factor in how happy my friends are at 40 is the flexibility of your job around childcare: you will have to cover school holidays and after hours care for decades if you have three kids! Can you come back at a decent level after time off with kids? Work part time? [name_m]Long[/name_m] hours and travel are less appealing when you miss your children. If child care is £15 per hour and taxes around 20% you need to earn at least £35 per hour to take home £15 for every hour you work out of which you need to pay for travel, food and housing. I earn £47 per hour but ‘take home’ minimum wage after paying for childcare for two. Teaching is the only career that works with children because your hours match and you can do your prep at home in the evenings. Something to think about.

Good luck and remember, you don’t have to decide everything now, there are a ton of jobs out there you’ve never heard of: I work in wine marketing and education and I love it!

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I’m going to be studying biomedical science next year, with an aim to get into graduate-entry medicine. Eventually I would love to work as a Forensic Pathologist.

Oh man I have no idea what I want to do, and since I’m going into college next year everyone keeps asking me. My main problem is I have anxiety and I’m pretty introverted which makes me feel very limited in my options. I like writing but I’m not self-motivated enough to be an author. I like math and computers but whenever I try to teach myself some programming skills I get confused really quickly. I strongly dislike science, which makes me sad because I think being a psychiatrist or an ears nose and throat doctor would be really cool. Sometimes I think I should be a teacher, but then the anxiety gets in the way (having to be in front of kids all day would be way too stressful for me). I’m starting to get worried because I want to come out of college prepared for a career- I know of too many people who wasted years in college because they weren’t sure what they wanted to do.

A couple of you mentioned having an interest in teaching, but feeling you might be too shy/introverted. I just wanted to say that I am an introvert too, but I’ve been a pre-school/daycare teacher, have a bachelors degree in elementary education, work as a substitute teacher, and am getting my masters in early childhood special education. Despite my shyness, I think I’m really good at what I do. Training and practice are really key, plus remembering they’re just kids. I mean, it is still difficult for me in some respects, especially being a substitute and having to meet brand new people in an unfamiliar place every day I go to work, but it gets easier the more I do it. And the benefits are worth the discomfort of it, for me at least. The pay is…well, not great, but that’s a choice every teacher makes choosing this profession. It’s extremely fun sometimes, and other times not so much, but it’s always rewarding. But most of all I have loved the flexibility of being a substitute while I was pregnant and now that I have a baby, because I can set my own schedule to work around appointments, childcare arrangements, etc. Plus, being a sub, I don’t have to worry about staying after school to grade papers, dealing with difficult parents, and if the kids are naughty I never have to teach their class again if I don’t want to! Haha!

Like a lot of you, I love writing. It’s a passion and I do it almost every day. I used to have dreams about being an author and getting work published, but the more I think about it, the more I realize it probably won’t happen! Maybe if I get a stable job and write and query and a miracle happens, I wouldn’t turn it down, but for the sake of money and the life I want to live, a profession that unreliable doesn’t seem like the right fit.

At this moment I’m really interested in studying Hospitality. I’d love to be the manager of a hotel or a resort in some place exotic. My parent’s have a friend who worked for ten years in a hotel on one of the islands close to Zanzibar, Tanzania. We stayed with her on the island when we visited and her stories were amazing! Also, I took a test during 8th grade and they said that I should look into hospitality jobs :slight_smile: (including airport manager! Haha)

I also love to travel. It’s one of the things that gets me most excited about life. I’ve been to [name_f]France[/name_f], [name_f]England[/name_f], [name_f]Scotland[/name_f], and Tanzania so far. My recent trip to [name_f]Africa[/name_f] which happened in [name_u]June[/name_u], really opened my eyes. I’m already saving up and planning for a gap year before or after university, and I think I would like to extend it. Working for something like Save the Children in [name_f]Africa[/name_f] would be amazing. Anything that would get me out of the country and to somewhere new and wonderful. My mum’s best friend works in Save the Children and is stationed in Dar es Salaam right now, which is one of the reasons we visited the country. I don’t really fancy being a teacher, but if I could have the opportunity to work teaching english in another country, it would be a dream come true. I’ll probably research more jobs the further I get into college, but I know in my heart that this is something I’m really passionate about.

[name_f]Edit[/name_f]: I also have an interest in the field of psychology but that mainly stems from the disorders and addictions in myself and my family, but it would just be an interesting career to go into, and definitely something I could see myself doing if nothing else works out.

But who knows, I’m still a freshman and I’ve got a long way to go :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, yes! This. There are just no jobs in writing these days. Or no jobs for those starting out, who actually want a pragmatic writing job. If that makes sense. I started out wanting to be a novelist, but didn’t expect to get a job doing it straightaway, so I went through several other majors first (library science, theology, psychology, I almost did business for small business ownership…), but then I decided to do professional writing to maybe do editing, and it just clicked. I love my major, but I can’t find anything–everyone wants 2-5 years’ experience, which I just don’t have. I have two internships under my belt, but still. I rarely even get interviews, and I’m applying to at least 12 jobs every single week. :frowning:

I feel like professional writing isn’t even what I want anymore, though. I don’t even know how to go into what I want to do. I am a [name_m]Christian[/name_m]; I’m proud to be a [name_m]Christian[/name_m], and for years I have wanted to be involved in ministry. I don’t even know how to explain it half the time, so I don’t know how to search for what I want to do, but I know I want to do a ministry that includes encouragement and outreach. In my future that I envision for myself, one day I see me traveling around the country with a [name_m]Christian[/name_m] band, preaching small sermonettes to the audience about the love of God, the next day delivering cookies to the nearest [name_f]Air[/name_f] Force base and praying with the airmen there, and the next day doing something to encourage local pastors, the next month flying over to Europe and encouraging student missionaries there; the next day working with inner-city children’s ministries, and playing the piano in my local church on the weekends, and getting involved with my church’s youth ministry, and every year going down to see the little girl I sponsor in [name_u]Peru[/name_u]… and when I’m a mama, taking my children along so the passion for service and loving God’s people is instilled in them from the day they were born. I just don’t know how to turn that into a career, though–I have no business sense and would be terrible at advertising for my own organisation! :frowning: But there it is. That’s exactly what I want to do, and be a novelist on the side, in my own time.