Careers + Future Careers

I would love to hear from people deciding what career path they’re choosing or what career path they’ve chosen and if they’re happy!

I’m going to university this upcoming [name_u]August[/name_u] to major in entrepreneurship and business… I want to have my own online businesses (mostly baby, women and dog’s apparel at the moment) that sustain a dog rescue in the future! I also want to be an author.

Worried that I’m getting a little too pipe-dreamy. What are you all studying for/dreaming of?

O My Goodness your dream sounds so wonderful!

So here’s my list of possible careers:
3.Electrical Engineer

So what I am actually planning on doing is being a PI first of all, (btw I need help with an alias all I have right now for ideas is Xelie [name_m]Winters[/name_m] and that is ehhhh I need a first middle and last the style of my sig.)
And publishing the book series(es) I am writing right now at some point. If PI jobs don’t give me enough money, I can always make money off of the youtube channel I am planning to have(hopefully if it doesn’t fail) for singing and covers.

Those are amazing careers! Any of them would be amazing! [name_f]Do[/name_f] you need an alias for being a PI or an author? I’d love to help! What’s your book series about? I’m currently writing a couple of novels that I hope to someday have published. I’d love to watch your YouTube channel if you post anything! I’m planning on having a YouTube channel too, if I ever go through with it (I can’t sing though haha).

I was going to study veterinary science, but had literal dreams about being a photographer before starting university. So I changed my majors to photography and graphic design… I am now a part-time photographer and it is my favourite thing in the world! Sometimes you just know deep down what you are meant to do. If your goal is big it just means that you need to work hard, not that your goal is wrong. Good luck!

I’ve always known I’d pick a STEM-related career. Ideas included astronaut, architect, and therapist. Then in high school I became interested in statistics, so I did an apprenticeship at the census bureau. They offered me a job afterwards but it got boring fast, so after two years I went back to school. I’m currently getting a bachelor’s degree in statistics with a minor in med, when I’m done I could either go back there to do a more interesting job, teach middle school math, develop new medicine, or stay in uni forever as a TA/tutor… we’ll see.
I also enjoy crafts (mostly crochet and sewing) so of course people have told me I should do that for a living, but I don’t think I’m cut out for self employment. I’d rather get a stable job and keep that as a hobby… boring, I know :smiley:

@wandarine That’s so cool! I’ve always admired people who were good at crafts, I’ve been trying to get into similar things myself.

I’m going to university this [name_f]September[/name_f]! It’s a big deal since I’ll be moving out of the country to study in the UK as well. My first choice was social work, because I was interested in it and it didn’t require very high grades, but I studied hard for school and managed to get into psychology instead. It’s a popular field, but we have close family friends with their own mental health clinic so I’m lucky enough to be guaranteed a job.

I’m also really interested in agriculture, I’ve always been, so I’d love to work part-time at a farm. I almost considered studying agriculture or animal sciences, but decided it was too risky overall. Still, I’d like to see where working part-time could take me. I know there are small farmers hiring part-time near the town I’ll be living in, so who knows!

@emmievis congratulations on getting into your course -what made you choose to study in the UK?

@auroracalista I think it’s better to have dreams like yours- even if it doesn’t happen immediately, it’s something to work towards one day!

@wandarine I’ve always admired people who can be both scientific/mathematical alongside creative!

@thelittlefairywren wow! Congratulations on following your dreams

I don’t really have any plans atm because mental and physical health issues have put everything on pause and I’m very lost. Sometimes I think I’d like to go into academia so I’d be looking at PhDs. Other times I consider going into publishing and editing or perhaps a job that involves writing of some kind. I’d love to be an author but getting things published and sustaining yourself is hard

@greyblue I am so sorry you’re dealing with that! My mental and physical health is why I’m attending university at age 20 rather than 18 (and why I did not finish high school but instead got my [name_m]GED[/name_m]). Things do get better, if you need anyone to talk to message me!

That’s so wonderful! I’m so glad you found what you loved— I plan on taking some graphic design & photography courses, both are so interesting!!

@wandarine That’s not boring, it makes sense! I was told to be an art teacher or go into interior design but I’d rather do both on the side and sustain myself other ways haha.

@emmievis psychology is so interesting, my mom went into that field! Good luck in university & on your big transition!! I’d love to hear how it all turns out!!

I studied history at university and am currently a social media manager, which I enjoy. I’d love to go back to school at some point, either to teach history or possibly to become an archivist. But as of right now I’m focusing on artistic pursuits and then parenthood soonish, all while working a job I still really like despite not being in a field I thought I would be in. So I’m fairly content at the moment!

I’m in the last few months of a biochemistry degree, and decided it’s not what I want to do after 4 years haha. I’ve always loved history; I was really good at it and I enjoyed it a lot. So I’m planning to take a year out to work, and hopefully I’ll be able to afford to do a bioarchaeology or archaeological sciences Masters degree next year. I wish I could skip a few years to get where I actually want to be, but it’s all part of the process I guess.

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I’m currently majoring in psychology and minoring in creative writing. I’m a junior in college right now and I’m planning to graduate in [name_f]Spring[/name_f] 2021.

I love psychology but I also have a passion for writing. However, I understand that pursuing a career as an author is not easy and might not be a realistic way to support my future family. My plan is to take a gap year after I finish college and try to get a book published. If it works out and I can make a living off of it, then great! But if it doesn’t work, I will go to graduate school and pursue psychology, possibly school psychology or clinical child psych. And I’ll be happy with that as well :slight_smile:

I’m currently in my final year of a PhD in the history of medicine (if you want to know about historical stethoscope use, I’m your gal). My undergraduate degree was in [name_m]Philosophy[/name_m], Theology and Religious Studies, and my MA was in the [name_m]History[/name_m] and [name_m]Philosophy[/name_m] of [name_m]Science[/name_m], Technology, and Medicine.

At the moment I am thinking of becoming a Doula.
My plan was pretty much always to go into some sort of counselling/support role and I had considered midwifery, being a Doula would sort of cover the parts of each of those careers that interests me most without me needing to continue in higher education (it’s been 9 years, I’m done with academia!).

I’m currently a junior assistant in a pre-school (put on hold due to Coronavirus) but later on I would like to teach in a primary/elementary school.

Not a senior yet but I do have a few career choices:

  1. Obstetrician
  2. Neonatal nurse
  3. Pediatrician
  4. Teacher

I think I’m going to become a neonatal nurse and hopefully go to [name_f]Columbia[/name_f] University for it. I love babies and I would just love that job.

my ideal career would be author. Secondary to that would be editing and other jobs in the fiction publishing field. [name_f]My[/name_f] biggest career dream would be to eventually open my own publishing house–I don’t know why or how running a business seems so appealing to me but it’s still my dream.

So I did a bit of an odd jump for careers and schooling, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do lol

I went to school for Journalism when I was 20 as well, and at first I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t like living so far from home. I kept on with it though and graduated with honours - but it totally didn’t feel like it was right for me. I’d just spent $20,000 on something I knew I wasn’t going to do, and that got me really depressed for a while. I wanted to go back to school but I got engaged during my last year of Journalism (a 2 year program) and it just didn’t seem doable.

Fast forward a year, and I have a new romantic partner who encouraged me to go back and do something I really loved.

I contemplated nursing (to eventually work in pediatrics), midwifery, early childhood education and social work.

After a lot of narrowing down and researching (I couldn’t get into nursing without going back to high school again, and at 22/23, I wasn’t willing to do that!), I settled on [name_u]Early[/name_u] Childhood Education (another 2 years).

I applied and began studies just before my 24th birthday and just finished my first year a month ago! I’ve gotten grades in my courses that I could only dreamed of getting in high school and I now feel so confident in what I’m doing - I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Not everyone does things at the same rate and that’s totally ok! I’ll be turning 26 a couple months after graduation, and at first, I was really concerned about that, but now, I’m completely fine with it!

I’ve wanted to be a teacher since sixth grade, working with either junior high or high school. [name_f]My[/name_f] parents don’t see this as a career, and they insist that I should want to be a doctor or a lawyer. At this point, I have a few years until they need to know about my dream still existing, but I have no clue what I’ll do if I still want to teach when I graduate.

So many dreams!

  1. Army surgeon
  2. Army lawyer
  3. Movie director
  4. Stay At Home Mom
  5. Fashion Designer
  6. Photographer
  7. Samaritan’s Purse Volunteer
  8. Author
  9. Artist
  10. Marry A [name_m]Prince[/name_m]
  11. School Counselor
  12. Nurse
  13. Navy [name_u]Pilot[/name_u]
    I am not done with dreams… just have to pick one!
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I’ve always had a big interest in science and so I’d love to be something like a Pharmacist or a lecturer in an University. It’s great to see so many people with big hopes and ambitions for the future!

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@namesleuth23 wow!! So many wonderful ambitions!!

@emrys I LOVE your website so much tho I just saw it today…wow you did a great job!

I’ve always been interested in the “invisible art” of film editing. Not CGI so to speak, just editing. It’s soooo fun for me! Maybe i could use that for youtube videos, sharing my favorite names perhaps :grinning: Also I want to be an author. [name_f]My[/name_f] parents aren’t opposed to these ideas, they just still are pursuing the idea that I should be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or something.

[name_f]My[/name_f] unrealistic dream career is a private investigator.

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