Carter and Cooper

I’m sure I already know the answer to this but… We already have a 9 year old son named [name]Carter[/name]. My husband really likes the name [name]Cooper[/name]. I told him those names are way too similar. Would [name]Cooper[/name] be okay to use for a middle name though? Honest opinions please :slight_smile: Thanks!

As a middle, I think it would be okay! As a first with your sibset, no.

I think it’s too close to [name]Carter[/name] to use as a first name, but it can absolutely be a middle name.

It is way to close but making it a middle name is a great idea since you really like the name!

I think they would work ok as a sibset. They are matchy but not overly so. That being said, I definitely think it would be fine as a middle name. I really like the name [name]Cooper[/name]. :slight_smile:

You’re right. [name]Cooper[/name] is way too similar to [name]Carter[/name] for a fn. I think it would be ok as a middle though.

cartner and cooper are similar. its good if you put it as a middle name

I think they are too similar as a sib-set, however I do think you could use it as a middle name.