Chancellor or Chancler

I can’t stop thinking about this unisex name! I like the two syllable pronunciation but the longer spelling. What do you berries think?

I prefer [name_m]Chancellor[/name_m].

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Would you still pronounce it chance-ler or [name_u]Chan[/name_u]-sell-or with both spellings?

I prefer [name_m]Chancellor[/name_m]. I would default to chance-ler, but would not be surprised to hear chan-sell-er too.

I’d probably use the three syllable pronunciation, but it would blend together enough that it might sound a bit like the two syllable pronunciation. It’s also an easy correction!

Not sure why, but my first thought was the Once-ler from The Lorax. I would definitely default to the two syllable pronunciation.

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My brothers name (if I had had one) was supposed to be [name_m]Chancellor[/name_m] (3 syllable and with the ch pronounced as sh).

As for your question, I think you could get away with the chance-let pronunciation of [name_m]Chancellor[/name_m].

Chancellor looks better to me

Chancellor is more obvious to me and one cannot just pass up the great memes that come with [name_m]Chancellor[/name_m] Palpatine.


I definitely prefer the spelling [name_m]Chancellor[/name_m]. Chancler looks wrong for some reason. I would pronounce both spellings as [name_u]Chance[/name_u]-ler, however, I think it depends on your accent and where you’re from. The three syllable pronunciation is very subtle imo since the infliction for both pronunciations is on [name_u]Chance[/name_u] (at least that’s how I say it).

Chancler looks like a spelling mistake. Chancellor (I love nn Chance) is amazing! Although I would instantly go to the 3-syllable pronunciation.

I would want to pronounce Chancler as chank-ler. Definitely prefer [name_m]Chancellor[/name_m]! I say it with three syllables, but even with the two-syllable pronunciation, I much prefer this spelling. I think it has a nice sound!

I like the longer spelling. The shorter looks incomplete to me

Definitely [name_m]Chancellor[/name_m]! I agree with other posters that I would think Chancler was a typo. I’d pronounce both names with two syllables!
[name_u]Chance[/name_u] is a cute nn!!

I’m not a fan of either personally, I find it weird using title-names when someone doesn’t actually hold that title. Like [name_u]Duke[/name_u], [name_m]Knight[/name_m], [name_m]King[/name_m], [name_m]Bishop[/name_m], Mayor…

But if I had to choose one, DEFINITELY [name_m]Chancellor[/name_m]. Like others said, Chancler looks like a spelling error.

Chancellor feels more complete and less ‘made up’ xoxo