Change of name? Help!

I am so conflicted , me and hubby took my whole pregnancy 40+6 weeks of it deciding on a name for a girl and boy as we didnt know the sex of the baby.
We struggled heavily with a boys name , eventually chose the first name but middle names were still in the air.

When I had my baby it was a fairly traumatic event for me and things didnt go how I wanted them ( this has all been addressed with the correct people). It was a boy so we knew what his first name would be but the middle names were more spur of the moment, they are names we had said and liked and one of them is [name_u]River[/name_u], it seemed perfect at the time and he was born on the day that the river season opened for fishing (husband a keen fishermen) , I dont know if I just got caught out in a situation where I’d felt out of control and by gaining it back was to very abruptly name my son.
I now dont know if its right for him, I feel we had names that we had a stronger connection to and should have discussed it further but i hit bad baby blues but I’m feeling better but overthinking it, am I being irrational ?

I feel like I want to change his middle name by adding another as I feel like il be taking a part of him away now :woman_facepalming:t3: it means he will have 3 middle names but we have a short surname. He is 8 weeks old, am I just being emotional.

Anyone else feeling/felt this way?


Personally, I wouldn’t go for more than two middle names but if you and your husband agree on it then I guess it’s always a possibility.

Since he is so very young I don’t think it’s a problem to change his name if that’s what you want to do.

Maybe take some time to think about which name you like best and say it aloud until you feel comfortable that you’ve found his name.

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