Changing Baby Name

I have had 10 children and never regretted a baby name until I am having 2nd thoughts. December 10th we welcomed our 10th child and named her Angelica Joy. She has down syndrome and was born near Christmas so those were contributing factors to her name.
I went through a few names I wanted to name her in my pregnancy but the very first one has cone back to me. Vivienne. I just loved this name
I’ve been happy with her name and thought it was beautiful but it is a long name and I loved the nickname Vivi.
Just curious on some others thoughts. Also, the cost and process of changing her name
Thinking about keeping Angelica and Joy as middles although I like Vivienne Joy too.
Thanks for any thoughts.

Angelica Joy is a gorgeous name!! And so is Vivienne! Do what seems right and natural. I love the meaning behind why you named her Angelica Joy so I would at least keep that. Vivienne Angelica Joy sounds amazing and is just beautiful.

On the other hand, if you all you wanted was a nn or shorter name for Angelica… my friends adopted a little girl named Evangeline and they call her “Angel”. I think that is an adorable nn and sounds like it would fit your daughter too.

They are all beautiful names. I say - if you’re going to change it, do it NOW, before there’s the greater potential for name confusion for your daughter.

Angelica Joy does sound perfect though!

Keep the name, she can still go by the nickname Vivi.
My first name is Kalista and I’ve went by Lily my whole life and its not even a nn for my first name. RaeRae is from my middle name, Raven.

Although :a:ngelic@ J0y is beautiful on its own, Vivienne :a:ngelic@ J0y is amazing too. If you are going to change her name, I would do it now, before she gets much older.

To me it sounds like Vivienne is a name you would regret not using in the long run, so, if I were in your place, I would go for the name change.

If Angelica doesn’t feel right to you, go ahead and change it. Both names are absolutely beautiful, but I’d rather you not have a name regret long term.

Wow congrats on #10! Just for curiosity’s sake, I’d love to know the other 9 kids names. I think Angelica Joy is lovely but if you really want to change it, the sooner the better! Vivienne Angelica Joy is beautiful.

If you wanted a nickname for Angelica, you may like:
Lilac (bit of a stretch)