Another name off our family tree we are considering as middle name for our daughter. I believe it is pn hah-yeh-LEH but I may be wrong - anyone know?! [name]Kiva[/name] Chayele “bloom”: what do you think? Thanks

I’ve never heard it before, but my first thought was that it looks like the Hebrew names like [name]Chana[/name] and Chayyim that are pronounced with a hefty load of phlegm at the beginning. I don’t really like those names, just because phlegm in language is unattractive to me. It may not be pronounced like that- I couldn’t find any information on it- but that’s how it looks to me. I like that it’s a family name for you, but I think [name]Kiva[/name] needs a bit more of a solid, classic name to go with it.