Cheryl and Charlene

I used to dislike these two names and the “sh” sound at the beginning, and I considered them “mom names” in a bad way. But now they’re starting to sound soft and pretty and I can picture them on '60s surfer girls and debutantes (and I mean this in a good way).

Could [name]Charlene[/name] experience an increase in popularity due to (a) its similarity to the increasingly popular [name]Charlotte[/name], (b) the princess of Monaco and © its similarity to [name]Charlize[/name] (as in [name]Theron[/name], who’s everywhere right now)?

What about [name]Cheryl[/name]?

I know a few Cheryls and a [name]Charlene[/name], who almost always goes by [name]Char[/name]. My last name begins with a ‘sh’ sound so I would not use these names. They sound a little old fashioned to me, but that is ‘in’ these days, anything goes for names, and these two are not my style, but perfectly good names. If you like them, add them to your list!

I kinda like [name]Charlene[/name], but my favorite “sh” name is actually [name]Charlize[/name] or [name]Charlotte[/name].

I know a 20-something singer/musician named [name]Charlene[/name], so it doesn’t sound like a “mom name” to me :slight_smile:
I don’t know about [name]Cheryl[/name] though. It does seem kind of dated.

My moms name is [name]Cheryl[/name], so I obviously see it as a mom name and think it probably won’t be ready for a come back soon, but maybe in the future. I think [name]Charlene[/name] could definitely come back now, especially with a fresh middle name. I’ve always liked [name]Cheyenne[/name].