Choice Moms?

So for where I am in life and what I want for the future, I’m looking at become a single mother by choice. Most likely via a sperm donor.

I was just wondering if there are any Choice moms on this forum, or woman who have gone through the process of conceiving with a sperm donor.

I would love to hear the good and the bad about your experiences and any advice would be super appreciated.

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I’m not a choice mom but I saved money for several years to prepare for that possibility. I just knew I wanted to be a parent and wasn’t sure if I would meet the right partner, and didn’t want that to hold me back. I have an internet friend who is a new choice mom and I know there were many things that were tough for her during the TTC and pregnancy process but she got a lot of support from a community online as well as one of her parents. [name_m]Just[/name_m] wanted to say how much I admire the choice!

I’m not and don’t really have any advise, however there was someone on the forum not too long ago considering it themselves

I have a cousin, my most wonderful and badass cousin at that, who chose to become a single mom via a sperm donor. the process was grueling and expensive, lasted about two years before she successfully conceived at age 34. Her little one is now a very bright and smiley 3-year-old and she’s decided to have a second child, but this time through fostering to adopt.

I say go for it! Motherhood isn’t easy and paying for fertility treatment in the US is certainly no piece of cake as not all insurances cover IVF costs and such, but if it’s something you are sure of and if you feel that it’s time, then do it. No matter the costs and the odds, I guarantee you it is all worth it in the end!