Choose a name (or two)!

Which name goes best with Vincent, Sebastian, Nicolas, and Anastasia? Must be able to pass as Italian, Spanish, and English due to their ancestry. i’m really indecisive when it comes to names for my book characters :')

  • Beatrice (Bee / Tris)
  • Josephine (Josie / Jo)
  • Katherine (Kat / Katie)
  • Celeste (Cel / Cece)
  • Cecilia (Ceci / Lia)
  • Cassandra (Cassie)
  • Eleanora (Elle / Ellie / Nora) may remove the a
  • Isabella (Izzy / Isa / Bella) kind of don’t want to use this one because her mother’s nickname is Lizzie & i’ve seen quite a lot of book characters named Isabella

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