I like [name_f]Circe[/name_f] (which based on my research may alternatively be pronounced SUR-see). I am very late to Game of Thrones but I see there is a character Cersei which they pronounce [name_f]Circe[/name_f]. Does that make it unusable? It’s a shame. I am not even a fan of the show per se.

[name_m]How[/name_m] else would you pronounce [name_f]Circe[/name_f], out of interest?

I love it! It’s on my longlist. I do think GOT will be an immediate association for anyone who has seen the series, but the mythology of [name_f]Circe[/name_f] is super-cool!

Thanks! Apparently the original Greek pronunciation is [name_m]KEER[/name_m]-ke. Any name containing the “[name_m]Keer[/name_m]” sound is off limits for me as it means male anatomy in my parents’ language lol

I’ve never watched GOT but I’m Greek and therefore i associate it with [name_m]Homer[/name_m]'s witch character. She is technically a villain but tbh I always thought she was a cool villain
Still, I’m not a fan of using names from a different culture and not pronouncing them the original way

I don’t think it’s usable. I love Game of Thrones, and I love Cersei as a character, but her name is pretty much synonymous with incest by this point, so it’s definitely a no-go in my book.

If I were to hear that name, honestly, I WOULD think of Game of Thrones.
And I [name_f]DO[/name_f] love the show, but not really sure if that’s the reference you want for your child :wink:

The original Greek pronunciation is indeed [name_m]KEER[/name_m]-ke, but i highly doudt anyone would pronounce it like this, besides Greek people. I like the name, but i do believe that its too tied to GoT.

I would always link it back Cersei from Game of Thrones and it’s really not a good name to take after. But tbh I kind of love Cersei’s character…

I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but [name_f]Circe[/name_f] is an interesting name. I might pronounce it differently if you want to avoid the character.